5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies

5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies

With school starting, it’s important to make sure that you help your children understand what bullies are. All parents want to make sure that their child isn’t susceptible to being bullied, and to also have their child understand why being a bully is wrong.

Kids can be kids and we know that at times, they can be cruel and feelings will be hurt. But to help your girl through this challenging time, these 5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies will help. Help them feel empowered and use these skills that will serve them well for her entire life!

1. Let the Kids Know They Are Not Being Nice. You’re Being Mean

The Everyday Mom Life had some great advice on how to handle the bully situation, since her daughter was on the receiving end of bad behavior.

By telling “friends” that they are not being nice gives the girls the benefit of the doubt that they don’t understand how hurtful their words actually are. Maybe by just pointing out their bad behavior, it may make them think twice about saying nasty things to others.

2. Say: I Don’t Need Mean Friends.

We want our girls to have friends who are supportive and have each others’ backs. But, we also want them to be kind to everyone and not be exclusive. We need our kids to believe they deserve good friends, not mean friends.

3. Tell Your Daughter to Tell Her Bullies She’s Going to Find and Play With Nicer Friends

Don’t let your child think that sitting there and taking the name-calling or meanness of others is acceptable. We don’t want our kids to go off in a corner and sulk or cry by themselves. Give them back the power by telling them it’s OK to go and find the nicer people out there. Because there are nice people everywhere! In fact, she should be friends with those who treat others well, because it’s what we want our kids to emulate.

5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies

4. Let Her Know She Can Walk Away and Play with Someone Different.

The Everyday Mom Life wants to make sure that her daughter knows she can do this and to also reinforce the words that she uses with her bullies in #3. Give your daughter some help by naming off some girls that you know she doesn’t have a problem with and could be potential good friends. Remind her that there are other people to play with in class besides the ones who are being mean to her and the other girls might actually make better friends in the long run!

5. Tell an adult

It’s important to let your daughter know that she isn’t being a tattletale, as long as the other children are being mean and she needs an adult to help her. It’s also important because you want to make sure that an adult, even if it initially isn’t you, is aware that there is a potential situation, which your child will hopefully continue as she gets older. Keeping an open dialogue is important, especially as they grow into middle and high school!

It can also help by practicing different dialogues with your daughter, so she is comfortable saying it when confronted with a conflict. It can help reinforce it with a young girl so she will remember what to say and do! Also, remember to constantly remind your child how much they are loved, no matter what a mean girl at school may say! Hopefully, by learning all of these things early, they will be strong enough to handle hurtful words and actions of others on their own as they grow.

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Steps to Help Your Daughter Deal With Mean Girls in Preschool & Elementary

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5 Easy Ways to Create More Calm In Your Home

We all now how chaotic things can get at home when you have a life with small children! Things can get messy… quick! It can get so overwhelming as a parent to try to keep things under control and going smoothly. These 5 Easy Ways to Create More Calm In Your Home will help you make some simple changes that will make everyone happier, all around!

5 Easy Ways to Create More Calm In Your Home

1. Ignore Bad Behavior

There can be times when the best discipline there is, is to let them know that certain behavior won’t be tolerated! For example, we know how little ones like to ask questions. But sometimes, they tend to repeat them over and over and over. It can drive any parent crazy and quickly escalate a situation into insanity! But, Perfection Pending found that if you just let them know that you already answered the question and you’re not going to talk about it anymore, they quiet down and redirect that energy into something more productive.

2. Institute a Specific Quiet Time

It can be a hard adjustment when the littles stop napping. It may have been a time that you desperately relied on to get things done around the house, or to sneak in a quick hour of work. Now what? Perfection Pending makes sure that quiet time remains a constant in the house. There comes a time everyday where the TV screens are turned off and everyone focuses on reading books, completing chores or some other quiet time activity of their choosing. Coloring and puzzles work great, as well! You may even find that after time, your kids may actually move towards fun activities like these, instead of automatically moving towards an electronic device all the time. That’s a win-win!

3. Slow It Down

We all know how hard this can be! Everyone is busy and there are always a million activities going on that we feel we have to be a part of! But, remember that the world isn’t going to end if you don’t take part in every single activity or playgroup that is around. Things aren’t going to fall apart if you’re a few minutes late to something, either. Learn to slow down and your home will start feeling more calm and peaceful, as well!

4. Focus on Relationships, Not Things

What a great lesson to reintroduce into your own life, along with your children! Start getting involved in your kids’ playtime and soon they won’t want to just be playing with their toys. They’ll want to spend time with you and each other, as well! Think about how fun it was to spend time with friends when you were younger. Maybe you didn’t have the best of everything, but you had friends to spend your time with and enjoy the long, summer days! Everyone is just happier! So, take a look around the house and see if you can do some de-cluttering. Your kids probably won’t even miss what you get rid of! Without all of that extra clutter laying around, you’ll also feel more at peace. How wonderful!

5. Make Communication Easier

We all have had that time when we’ve had to yell down the hall or into the basement for one of our kids to do one thing or another. And, of course, they never answer. Then you end up having to walk around the house to figure out where they are and you get more and more frustrated with every passing step. Maybe a home intercom solution would be a great idea in your home? Or walkie talkies that the kids will get a total kick out of, as well?! It will make communication so much easier and will keep you more calm when it comes time to getting the attention of the kids!

Just like that, with a few simple steps, life can start to gain a little more peace! No more coming unglued at the seams and everyone will live a more happy and peaceful life in the home. Say good-bye to chaos!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Simple Changes to Have More Calm and Less Chaos at Home With Your Kids

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5 Snack Ideas for Kids That Are Super Easy

We all know how busy families are these days and kids are always on the move! With busy schedules and tons of activities, these 5 Snack Ideas for Kids That Are Super Easy will help to keep them healthy and filled up! Who doesn’t want to spend more time together instead of constantly making food and snacks for the kids?!

5 Snack Ideas for Kids That Are Super Easy

1. Veggie Cups

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Grab some disposable cups and fill them with about 2-3 tablespoons of ranch or blue cheese dressing. Next, fill it up with lots of yummy veggies! Things like sticks of celery, carrots, or anything else your kids may like will be perfect! And with the ability to quickly make individual servings, nobody will be fighting for “sharing” a snack bowl!

2. English-Muffin Pizzas

Cut the English Muffins in half and toast until golden brown. Next, add sauce, cheese and toppings and heat back up in toaster until the cheese is melted. Now, all you have to do is place the muffins on a plate, cover with another and tape close. Bam! You have an easy, portable snack that the kids can help to make, too!

3. Fruit Parfaits

Scoop 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt into a paper cup. Slide a bunch of apples and pears and toss them with lemon juice to keep them from browning. Place them in the cup along with the yogurt and you have a delicious fruit parfait that the kids will be asking for over and over again! Change it up with raspberries, strawberries or blueberries and it will never be the same!

4. Mini Sundaes

Create a buffet-style mini-sundae bar and the kids will absolutely love it! For a quick movie night snack, or a hot, mid-summer day delight. Who doesn’t love an ice cream sundae? Pre-scoop ice cream into disposable cups and fill other cups with a variety of toppings. Let the kids get creative and they are going to have fun memories of summer!

5. Smoothie Creamsicles

Whisk together two 5.3-ounce containers of vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt and 1 cup orange juice. Divide between six 3-ounce disposable cups and freeze for 30 minutes. Insert popsicle sticks and put them back in the freezer until they are fully solid. Peel off the cups and they are ready to go!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Easy Snack Ideas for Kids

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5 Amazing Nighttime Potty Training Tricks

There isn’t anything quite as great as when all of the kids are potty-trained through the day and night! What a feeling of relief and accomplishment! But, it isn’t easy. These 5 Amazing Nighttime Potty Training Tricks from Nerdy Mamma will help you reach the light at the end of the tunnel!

1. The Bedtime Routine

We all know how much easier life can be when there is a routine to stick to and bedtime is no exception! Have your little ones take a trip to the potty before going to bed and add it into their nightly routine of bath, brush teeth, comb hair and go potty! Seems pretty smart to empty their little bladders right before they go to dreamland!

2. Talk To Your Child

Your little one might understand more than you give them credit for, so give it a go and have a little chat! Nerdy Mamma suggests letting them know how important it is to YOU that they get up to potty train during the night. They might just listen to what you are saying and give it their best shot!

3. A Nightlight They Can Take With Them

Kids are notorious for being scared of the dark, so it makes sense they wouldn’t want to get up during the night to head over to the bathroom across that dark hallways! Get them a little nightlight that they can use. Grab one that they can turn on and take with them to the bathroom. You could even find a fun one that they are excited to take with them, as well! Or, just get some good old-fashioned night lights that you can put in their bedroom, hallways, or bathroom. Whatever would make them brave to hit the potty overnight!

4. The Morning Routine

So there was an accident over night? Wet sheets and a mess in the bedroom? No worries! Nerdy Mamma had a great suggestion to have your child help do some of the work and change those wet sheets. Why? Because it’s going to change something! Either they are going to finally be pushed to get up during the night or, at the very least, you’re going to see a change with having more responsibility!

5. Stop Allowing Drinks

Many of us have kids who constantly need that “last drink” before they go to bed. But you HAVE to stop allowing this if you want to eliminate the nighttime accidents. Work on eliminating fluids from your child’s diet around and hour before bedtime, at least! The less fluid they have in that little bladder, the easier it will be for them to make it all the way to the morning!

Potty training isn’t easy, but hopefully these great tricks and tips will help to make it just a tad bit easier. Before you know it, your child will be sleeping through the night with no accidents at all! Hoooray!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Crazy Nighttime Potty Training Hacks

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Transform Your Parenting With These 5 Great Habits

We all know there is so much information out there on different things you can do to win at the parenting game! So how do you sift through all of the info out there to make sure you’re following the right things? Believe it or not, maybe you’re over thinking it! The Better Mom has found that by changing just a few simple habits, you’ll be on your way to being a better parent in no time! Try it with your family with the great challenge that she put together now and Transform Your Parenting With These 5 Great Habits!

1. Smile

What a great way to show your child love and acceptance and it’s so EASY! When we smile, we ease our children’s worries and calms them. The Better Mom also talks about how it can break down those barriers and will help them open up to us more and more. So make it a challenge to start smiling every time your child makes eye contact! What an easy way to transform your relationship with your child.

2. Speak Softly

We know how it works. The more you raise your voice, suddenly the kiddos seem to get louder, as well! But what do you think would happen if you started to speak more softly to them? We shouldn’t have to always need to get louder in over to speak over them! So now, whatever the request of your child may be, approach him, lean in, and speak low and soft. Chances are after instilling this habit for a bit based on The Better Mom‘s work, your child will start to respond in the same and will follow your lead! What a wonderful world would that be to live in?!

3. Say Exactly What you Mean to Say

The Better Mom talks about how she’s known to be one who tends to “beat around the bush.” Instead of being direct when addressing her kids, she’ll be vague and do what she needs to do to not be as “pushy” as possible. Instead of saying “Please pick up all your toys in your room” she’ll ask “Who left this puzzle on the table?” But guess what she’s learned… it generally backfires! Suddenly her kids have realized that she isn’t serious about her request and things go unchanged. Instead, learn to give direct commands (which can still be polite) so nobody can question exactly what you are saying or if you really mean it. Start being as specific as possible and see what happens around your home!

4. Ask For Help

Parents, especially moms, are well-known to suffer in silence! Or… we may expect that if we look like we need help, someone will eventually offer to chip in. But why put ourselves through that? People are always in their own zones and we can’t read anyone else’s mind, so why would they be able to read ours? Instead, The Better Mom has found that askeping for specific help actually will work! Her example of saying to her child, “Please use this cleaner and towels and wipe down the table” is now so specific, they know exactly what you mean and can’t question you. Give your child a specific list of things that you need help with, so they can pitch in, too. Stop being a martyr!

5. Forget About Who Your Kids Should Be In Your Head

We’ve all had an expectation of what parenting would look like before our sweet children made their appearance in our lives! So what happens when your kids don’t fit the mold of what you thought they would be? The Better Mom says it perfect, when she says she now learns to embrace her children just as they are. By doing that, she’s able to better understand what each child needs, because of their unique personalities and traits! What great advice!

A great challenge would be to sit down and write out each of your kiddo’s strengths and weaknesses, than figuring out what you can do to help them develop what they love. And how can you help them overcome their weakness? What a wonderful exercise!

By implementing these super easy habits, you’ll notice how much parenting changes in your household and in your life. What a great thing to being to the table within your household!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Super Simple Habits that Will Transform Your Parenting

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5 Ways to Talk to an Anxious Child

It can be hard for kids who are always anxious to be brave in today’s world. And as parents, we are the ones who need to reign in that anxious child and help them break out of that shell. But do you know the best ways to talk to your child if they’re anxious? Better yet, do you know what NOT to say to them? This great infographic over at Psych Central shares 5 Ways to Talk to an Anxious Child. It will help any parent who may need these extra steps as they brave their way through the unexpected land of parenthood!

It’s amazing what validating your child’s emotions and helping them to calm down may do for their long-term comfort and security! Letting them know that you understand and that you, too, as a parent have felt fear and anxiousness will help them know they aren’t alone. It can be a scary and lonely place to be, so what a wonderful lesson on helping our children know that they aren’t the only ones who are afraid and anxious at times!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Phrases to Avoid Saying to An Anxious Child

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5 Ways to Discourage Back Talk from Kids

How many times have your kids said “No” after you’ve asked them to do something? Over and over and over again? Yup! I think it’s something every parent experiences at one point or another! These 5 Ways to Discourage Back Talk from Kids will help to nip your child’s behavior in the bud to keep the family running as smooth as it possibly can!

It’s no surprise that back talk is the #1 complaint that parents have, based on Positive Parenting Solutions‘ information! It can be such a challenge to get children to listen to us without having them roll their eyes, whining, or going so far as just simply ignoring a request. How frustrating is it and how hard can it be to now snap back? So hard!

That being said, Positive Parenting Solutions talks about how it is a perfectly normal behavior while children grow and try to determine their level of independence. They’re working out how much power they actually have within the family and when they start lashing out, it can be a typical “fight or flight” instinct kicking in. They’re testing limits and seeing what we’ll do, as parents, because of it!

But it doesn’t have to be a constant fight! These great tips will help kids find the positive personal power they are looking for and will foster independence, within limits. What a great way to help them grow up, while limiting the negative behavior when kids don’t get their way!

1. Allow Kids To Have Some Power

Positive Parenting Solutions talks about how it is great to find opportunities to let kids gain a bit of control of their own world. Depending on their age, maybe that means something as simple as picking out their clothes for the day! Or perhaps they can plan an activity for the family to enjoy together. When you attempt to let your kids have some positive power, they will be less likely to seek it in negative ways!

2. Don’t Participate

That may sound odd, but many parents don’t even realize that they are playing a role in the power struggle that is taking place in their family with the kids! Do you find your kids talking back when you are bossing them around? Would you be able to hold your tongue if you were being bossed around all day? Do your best to put a limit on the ordering and directing that goes on and see if you can find an alternative to get the cooperation you’re looking for!

3. Pay Attention

Kids are looking for not only their parents’ attention, but also their approval! That means they need your undivided attention when they are looking for the reinforcement they need. If you aren’t paying attention to them, they will find a different way to get your attention… one that you probably won’t like very much! Positive Parenting Solutions recommends that you spend 10 minutes twice a day tuning into each of your children’s worlds with no interruptions. Before you know it, you are both going to be looking forward to this time every day and your child will stop being uncooperative, as well!

4. Use Rules

Make sure there are clear rules for your household, but more important, make sure it’s very clear what the consequences are for your child, should they choose to test them! While you don’t need to be overly strict when laying down the law, you definitely need to stick to the limits that you’ve set in place!

5. Keep Your Cool

It can be so HARD to not lose it when your child is talking back and trying to get you to engage in negative behavior with them. But don’t do it! By doing something as easy as saying, “I feel hurt by the way you’re talking to me. When I hear that tone of voice, I’m going to walk away. We can talk again when you can speak respectfully to me,” you’ll notice a big change in the future how your child responds. But you have to follow through! Walk away and the next time it happens, walk away, as well. You’ll be sending the message that you aren’t going to participate in a power struggle and your child will know it does not good to fight with you if you don’t react. What wonderful advice from Positive Parenting Solutions!

And just like that, by following these 5 steps, you’ll more than likely be able to shut down a lot of the back talk that you experience with your child. How wonderful would that be?!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Steps to Put the Breaks on Back Talk

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