Keep Calm and Road Trip ~ The Go Anywhere Booster Seat

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Chances are that your car is already packed to the brim if you’re taking a road trip with kids.  My poor husband always has the car just about perfectly packed, resembling a huge Jenga game, when I yell “wait!  I forgot this piece of gear!” … and it is never anything small, either.

a parent company logo

This year when we travel, we won’t be needing to pack up an entire full-size high chair or even a plastic booster seat that you can’t squeeze in between things in the car easily.  We will be toting the Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company!  In fact, this seat has taken up permanent residence in my van so that it is always on hand now!


When collapsed it weighs close to nothig and is smaller than my laptop bag.  The convenient shoulder strap will make it easy to carry this into a restaurant with us when my hands are already full with kids and diaper bags.


You can unzip and strap it to a chair and be ready to go in a minute or less with just 4 simple steps!

  1. Fasten under chair
  2. Fasten behind chair
  3. Open booster
  4. Strap in child

APC collage

The fact that you can use it with children up to 40 pounds, yo’re going to get a lot of mileage out of this great piece of gear!  It isn’t recommended that you use this with babies under 12 months, so my littlest one will have to wait a bit longer to try it out, but her sisters (both under 40 lbs) were more than happy to give it a go!


Read more of AHH-MAZING REVIEWS’ article and Enter to win your FREE GO ANYWHERE BOOSTER SEAT!

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