Go Anywhere Booster Seat: A MUST for parents on the go!

corey-blog1 corey-blog2Check out another happy customer’s review about our Go Anywhere Booster Seat:

Go Anywhere Booster Seat: A MUST for parents on the go!

I received my Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company and couldn’t be more pleased. The process was as simple as unfolding and attaching it to our kitchen chair. No assembly needed! The colors are very cute and simple yet fun. Our first dinner was a success and my 2 year old daughter had fun in her new chair. Of course a mess was made, but it wiped off clean with ease.

The next morning I folded the chair up in a snap and threw it in the bottom of a stroller to walk to breakfast. It was so incredibly lightweight and compact there was room to spare, even with the diaper bag in there as well. 

It was a relief not having to worry about looking for a booster seat or high chair. It was always a bother to me wondering about all of the germs and how often those things get cleaned. Breakfast was a snap and we folded our seat to walk back home.

Not only is this an ideal booster seat for everyday use but also it’s an absolute must have for parents on the go. I love to eat out and have since my daughter was born. Now that we have our awesome Go Anywhere Booster Seat, it will make eating out that much more fun for her and relaxing for me.

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