Pool Safety for Babies and Children

August is Drowning Impact Awareness Month andBaby und Mutter baden vergnügt im Pool we want to share some helpful hints on how to keep kiddos safe in the pool this Summer.

  1. Put the cell phone away, forget about all the other things you have to do and give young children 100 percent of your attention when they are near or around water.
  2. Make sure adults that are supervising can swim.
  3. Limit alcohol for supervising adults and never be on any kind of drugs.
  4. Have an effective gate or fence on your pool or spa.
  5. Never leave your child unattended around any body of water.
  6. Set rules and boundaries for the pool (no running around the pool, absolutely no going in the pool unless an adult is around, etc.)
  7. Enroll children in swim lessons.
  8. Take CPR lessons.

Do you have more pool safety precautions to add?

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