Prepare Your Child (and yourself!) for a Happy School Life Start!

bounceIt can be a scary time for a child when they are transitioning to school. However, this is also a difficult time for parents as well. Do you have concerns about your child’s needs being met in school? Do you need some advice or support on how to best prepare your child (and yourself!) for a happy school life start?

You no longer have to keep your questions, anxieties or concerns to yourself. Bounce Parental Consultancy offers one-to-one expertise, support and advice to help with any concerns you may have. Below is a list of just some of the issues that Bounce Parental can support you with.

  • Addressing ANY concerns, queries or worries about your child’s transition to school; giving you peace of mind and reassurance during this crucial time
  • Bespoke personalized plans in how to prepare your child for school
  • What to expect during the transition to school (from both a child and a school perspective)
  • How to support your child during his/her first year in school
  • Behavior strategies, support and personalized plans

We all wish for our children to have a happy and smooth start to school to construct strong and positive foundations that will lead them through their life. If you would like to learn more about individualized support that is tailored specifically to you and your child’s needs, visit Bounce Parental Consultancy.

Written by A Parent Company Team.

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