Build Back to School Excitement in 4 Easy Steps!

istock_000009967340xsmallIt’s back to school time! Check out our blog post on how to get your child excited about school in 4 easy steps!

1.  Sharing School Stories

Share your own positive experiences in school. Reinforce to your kids that school and learning is important and that you’re excited and proud of them for taking on new responsibilities. Listen and let your children know you are there for them and will support them throughout the year.

2.  School Friend Summer Fun

In these final weeks of summer freedom, consider reaching out to your child’s school friends by planning a last minute beach trip or a play date at the park. Reconnecting with friends will help ease the first day anxiety.

3.  First Day Of School ‘About Me’ Project

Check out these free First Day of School ‘All About Me’ printouts. For preschool through high school, kids can answer questions about themselves and share some of their favorite things about the day.

4.   School Supply Shopping Made Fun

While school supplies are expensive, there are lots of great deals going on right now. Let your child pick out their own Frozen or Batman folder to help get them excited. Gathering school supplies can actually be fun for both you and your children.

How do you help build back to school excitement or easy anxieties for your children? We would love to hear!

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