The Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company Review

Check out the latest review of The Go Anywhere Feeding Booster Seat from Karen’s Got Mail. Be sure to enter her giveaway for your chance to win your own Go Anywhere Seat!

The Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company Review

My husband and I are constantly taking our children out to eat at restaurants but I never want to use the high chairs that they have available so I usually end up with Reggie sitting next to me. This isn’t comfortable at all and makes eating difficulty. Plus, we usually have to rush and eat quickly because she is trying to get off my seat. I received the Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company and it has come in SO handy!

A Parent Company

I absolutely love that this seat folds up into a messenger style bag and has a handle and shoulder strap to carry. This is so small that I just keep it in my car so I don’t have to worry about forgetting it while we are out. This is made entirely of fabric so you don’t have to carry around a bulky, plastic seat; also they come in some cute designs. I received the Black/Red design, however, this also comes in Blue/Brown and Pink/Brown (would make a great baby shower gift)!

This seat is extremely light weight (1.5 lbs!) , which is great since I am usually carrying Reggie. The version that I received to review (Black/Red) even has a pocket to store some wipes or even small utensils for children. The seat is recommend for children 12+ months (children who can sit up unattended), up to 40 lbs.

The seat features a five point harness and has two different adjustable straps to secure to mostly any chair. I have used this at many different restaurants and it has worked well with all chairs. It’s also very fast and easy to secure so you are not standing up, in the way, for long. Reggie loves that she is sitting up close to the table like Cam and Jack, and I like that she is sitting securely in a seat.

A Parent Company

Not only have we used this while out to eat, but I take this with me while visiting friends or family! It is the perfect solution to meal time on the go! Reggie even asks for this at home now, too.

A Parent Company

You can purchase the Go Anywhere Booster Seat on A Parent’s Company’s website for $36.99. Make sure to follow A Parent Company on Facebook and Twitter to hear all their latest updates! You can enter to win one Go Anywhere Booster Seat in my Travelin’ With Baby Giveaway Hop! Also, you can check out some of my other current giveaways on Karen’s Got Mail!

Original article: The Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company Review and pictures from: Karen’s Got Mail

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