Thanksgiving Traveling Must Haves Bundle for Baby Giveaway

A Parent Company and our Go Anywhere Travel Feeding Booster Seat is proud to be part of yet another giveaway. This time, the Go Anywhere Seat is featured in a Thanksgiving Traveling Must Haves Bundle for Baby! Be sure to enter the giveaway here.

Thanksgiving Travels with Baby: Our Must Haves {Giveaway} from Casual Claire

November greeted us with cold weather, blustering winds, and even a few snow flurries. As much as I dislike this weather, I am thrilled that its onset also signals that the Holidays are upcoming. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a time to reflect on life’s many blessings, spend quality time with family, and eat some seriously delicious food. Like many of you, my little family will be traveling for Thanksgiving. Traveling with a baby takes dedication. Especially a baby who is eating solids! We are just going to my dad’s house but he doesn’t have all the items we need for MG’s newest favorite activity, eating, so here are the essentials I’ve rounded up to take with us:
The Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company

It’s not practical to pack up a high chair and take it with us on our trip. We visit my dad about every 6 weeks or so for a weekend, but high chairs are expensive so it doesn’t make sense for us to buy an extra one to have in Savannah when (unfortunately) we aren’t there that often. Luckily, the Go Anywhere Booster Seat acts like a portable high chair that can be strapped on securely to any chair. It’s lightweight, easy to pack up and carry over your shoulder, and comes in cute patterns. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to secure it to the chair but it is really easy to do and seems very safe. I love this chair for traveling, and it will easily come with us on all of our trips in the future, and we are going to keep it at our dining room table when at home so MG will be able to sit right at the table with us. MG will use it through her toddler years so it will get plenty of use. At $36.99 this is a reasonably priced and practical product for parents traveling with a baby.

Read more and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY on the original Article: Thanksgiving Travels with Baby: Our Must Haves {Giveaway}
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