Cook and Save Money While Travelling

shutterstock_71947762Traveling is expensive to begin with, but cooking your own meals is one way to cut costs.

One of the fastest ways to burn through your travel budget is by constantly eating out on vacation. Cooking while traveling not only saves money but it increases family bonding time and is more nutritious and healthier.

The first step to be able to cook on your own while vacationing is to pick lodging that has a kitchen with your desired appliances (microwave, stove, burner, etc.). Call ahead to see if cooking utensils will be included with your room or if you need to bring your own. Many places offer BBQ pits as well.

When creating your grocery list for your DIY menu, consider shopping small and local so you get the freshest ingredients that are in season. Don’t forget the basics, like olive oil, seasonings, eggs and milk.

To make things even easier, consider using paper plates and silverware to have a hassle-free clean up. Don’t forget Tupperware to have leftovers for lunch!

What are your tips on cooking on the road? Let us know on our facebook page,

Don’t forget to bring your Go Anywhere Booster Travel Feeding Seat before heading out on vacation with the little ones!

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