DIY Restaurant Kit for Dinners Out with Kids

How many times have you wished that you could go out for a decent meal with the kids, but you know it is going to turn into a complete Free-For-All that will leave everyone, not just the kids, in tears and pulling their hair out? If this sounds like you, take a peak at this awesome DIY Restaurant Kit that you can make. Why? Well, let’s just say that this little bag-o-fun will hopefully allow you to have a relatively peaceful meal as a family, while enjoying time outside of your kitchen for once!

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First off, the best thing about this DIY Restaurant Kit is that you can customize it for your kids based on things they like and you know will keep them occupied during a meal.  A great ida in this kit even included a few snacks, just in case the kids are getting a little restless while waiting for their meal to arrive. Genius!

This Mom repurposed a make-up bag to start her off on her DIY adventure. What a great idea! With zippered pockets and multiple areas to stuff all of the kids’ favorites, it’s a great item to use as your Restaurant Kit! Take a peak at some popular items you can add to your Restaurant Kit if you have young children.

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1. Bibs are always a must!

You never know what the restaurant will have for you and it’s always best to be prepared. You don’t want to ruin the nice clothes you take your kids out to eat in, do you?

2. Kits Cutlery.

It’s always easier for the little ones to eat with silverware that they are familiar with at home. Otherwise, you’re going to end up feeding them a majority of their meal because they’ll need help with the restaurant’s silverware. That doesn’t sound too relaxing!

3. Baby Spoon.

If you have infants who are getting ready to start making the transition over to solid food, you’ll want to make sure you have silverware that is appropriate for their mashed up items, as well.

4. Food Pouch Spoons.

Are you taking some food pouches with you for your baby to eat out of? They are so easy and convenient for taking out on-the-go and you know that it will include the nutrition and easily accessible food items that your baby will love. If so, check out food pouch spoons that will make the experience even easier!

5. Wet Wipes.

Need I say more? Just bring the entire package!  🙂

6. Adhesive Table Toppers

Want to make sure things are sanitary for your little one and their little fingers aren’t finding nooks and crannies that you don’t want them checking out in a restaurant? Grab these awesome disposable additions to your kit to make sure you protect them from all of the germs.

7. Books and Magazines

Stuff their favorites books or magazines into your kit to make sure they are easily occupied with their favorite characters while you are waiting for your food. Supplying activities for your children to take part in before dinner arrives will always make things more pleasant!

8. A Box of Crayons or Markers

While it’s always nice when restaurants offer crayons, there are more times than not when they are broken up or limited with colors. Why not supply your own to make sure your child has everything that they might want? I’ve listened to more than one fight over a missing color they wanted and this will definitely solve that!

9. Coloring Pages

Download and print just about anything your child might be in the stage for! This will appeal to multiple age-categories and you’ll be in control of what they are coloring. And since my kids tend to change their “favorite things” ALL of the time, it’s easy to always make sure they are super excited by what they are working on since I can quickly print a new addition to add to the kit.

How perfect! Swap things out as kids age or as tastes change and you’ll always be ready for your next meal out with the family. Thank goodness for this great DIY Restaurant Kit Idea!

Original article and image credit: Restaurant Kit for Eating Out with Little Ones

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