Weekly At Home Activity Plan for PreSchoolers

Now that school is out, it can be important to many parents to make sure that their children are keeping up with learning and not just sitting in front of a TV for the next three months. This article from Hands On As We Grow is a great way to get started on a summer activity plan for PreSchoolers! Or… if you’re a homeschooling family, this is a great resource, as well!


This Weekly At Home Activity Plan for PreSchoolers is a great way to get on top of your child’s learning, a week at a time. By simply writing out a few ideas over the weekend and brainstorming, you’ll get a week’s plan ready in no time! Think about including things like the following for your PreSchooler’s weekly schedule:

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Names
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Nature or Science

Once you have a basic framework down for the things you’re going to include for the week (and make sure your child enjoys a majority of it so you can make learning fun!), you can split out the activities by day. Use this as an example and framework for your own weekly learning plan:

Monday – Write letters on paper or sticky notes and post them around the house randomly. Call out a specific letter and let your child run to find it as quickly as possible! Repeat.

Tuesday – This is a great number learning activity and all you need is a cereal box! Cut the size of the box into puzzle pieces and number each piece. Let your child put the puzzle back together based on counting in order! What fun!

Wednesday – Graph blocks on art paper by making columns and drawing the shape of a block at the bottom of each column. That sort the blocks and “stack” them in the columns in order to graph them!

Thursday – Find pairs of leaves in nature and create your own art project at home! Tape one of the leaves on a piece of paper and rub crayons on the front of the paper in order to trace out the pattern on the other side! Than ask your child to match the leaves that aren’t on the paper to the ones that have now been colored. So fun!

Friday – Grab a bottle of shaving cream and put some on a cookie sheet. You could even throw in a little food coloring to make things really exciting. Next… trace out letters and numbers with your fingers, or even trace out shapes. The kids will love this one!

Saturday – Use some painter’s tape and tape their name down on the floor. Let them continue to trace their name and work on the letters that are included!

Sunday – Work on colors by finding out the favorite colors of everyone you’re spending your day with.

And just like that you have a great weekly schedule to make sure your child doesn’t end up with the “summer blues”. It’s important to make sure they use those little brains of there during the summer months to retain all of the good stuff they learned over the previous school year. What a great idea!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: LEARN Sample Weekly Activity Plan

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