Throw A Birthday Party On A Budget

Rainbow cake decorated with birthday candles

Rainbow cake decorated with birthday candles

I think that there is one thing that most parents can agree on – we ALL want to throw outstanding birthday parties for our children but man… before you know it, it can get really expensive! What is a parent to do? Throughout the years, I’ve done a better job of learning how to Throw A Birthday Party On A Budget, but who couldn’t use all of the tips and tricks that you can get? This Mom over at Crystal & Company has a ton of great ideas that I will definitely be taking advantage of! Why not make all of the other parents jealous with all of your newly found amazing party planning skills?!

1. Shop At Home

Huh?! It may seem crazy, but it’s so true! I have SO much stuff from past birthday parties that could easily be reused, but I always seem to forget about it or get so wrapped up throwing the perfect party that I end up purchasing more things that I really wouldn’t have had to. Find the stash of prior party items and see if you have other things you can use, like paper plates, plastic silverware, etc. You might just save a lot of money by not even leaving the house!

2. Ask Friends

Ok, Ok, some people just want to throw the perfect party without any help, but if you’re looking to stay in a specific budget, don’t let pride get in the way! Especially for items you may need for all of the food you are going to have. Who wants to go out and buy things that you know you’re only going to use for a few hours? I know if friends asked me to borrow things for a party they were throwing, I’d only be more than happy to help, so borrow what you need and save big bucks!

3. Skip Serving a Meal – Provide a Dessert Table Instead

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a big need to FEED the guests of the birthday parties we have. I mean, feed them a lot! I end up with leftovers that would last for days, and wonder why I spent all of the time and energy making specific appetizers, main courses, etc. Not to mention all of the money my family spent on all of the ingredients or catering in order to offer everyone a meal during the party!

Those days are over! While I may offer a couple of small, easy, and CHEAP appetizers, the dessert table is the main focus of the party now. I love focusing on the theme of the party and once you know that, you know what kind of cake you’re going to have. Or cupcakes. They are going to be the main focus of the entire table! And… I can make them myself and save lots of money instead of ordering custom dessert items. Grabbing goodies to add to the table tend to be a lot less expensive than doing everything it takes to offer a meal. So skip the meal and focus on the dessert table!

Things I do to keep the dessert table under control with costs, yet make it look absolutely awesome?

  • Use wrapping paper you might already have to create a stand for your cake or cupcakes. Who says you need to purchase some fancy, expensive pedestal?
  • You can also use wrapping paper to create a table runner or backdrop. And that’s WAY less expensive than purchasing special fabric and fancy backdrops!

4. Stick to One Theme

We all do it. Our kid wants a specific theme, but wants to add one other special touch. Problem? Now you have to purchase different colors of something and I just can’t say no because it’s their big BIRTHDAY! But… we’ve come to a few different conclusions over the years. If they want a specific theme, great! If they want a specific theme AND a bouncy house? No. Now we have to make decisions in order to make sure it works for everyone. Sometimes we’ll splurge and rent a special thing for the party, which is great and generally keeps all of the guests occupied, but if that’s the case, than we’re going to go Plain Jane for the party. It’s all a matter of balance!

Throwing a great birthday party for your little ones doesn’t have to break the budget for the next couple of months. With a little planning ahead of time, willingness to do a little DIY work, and asking for help where it’s needed, you’ll be able to pull off a party that your kids and their friends will be talking about until next year! Good luck!


Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: Kids Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

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