Flower Growing Kit for Kids


When it comes to summertime, a great learning experience for the kiddos is to help with planting flowers, along with any gardening that you may do. But why keep all of the fun strictly focused to the summer season? There are plenty of ways to grow plants and flowers inside during the not so warm months, too! That’s why when we saw this great post from Our Peaceful Planet, we knew we had to share it and make sure that everyone makes DIY Gardening and Flower Kits with their kids to use anytime during the year!

By putting these “pretend” garden and flower kits together for the kids, how could they not be super excited about spending some time with you to watch their garden grow?! And if you’re really ambitious, replace the “fake” seeds with real ones and watch the flowers grow, grow, grow over the next few weeks, no matter where you decide to plant them. What a great science experiment for the young ones!

This Mom at Our Peaceful Planet did a great job putting together the Kiddo Gardening Kit for next to nothing. Not only is it a super fun project to do with the little ones, but it’s cheap and won’t break the bank. Those are my kind of activities to do with the kids. Fun!


Items to Potentially Include in Your Child’s Flower/Garden Kit:

  • Squirt Bottle – Keep it small and take a peek in the hair care section of stores near you. The small it is, the easier it will be for small fingers to hold it!
  • Almonds – What better way to find “fake” seeds that to use almonds! Or any nut for that matter. They are great for reusing and are big enough where tiny hands won’t have a problem with them.
  • Ziplock Bags – These will be used to hold your “seeds”. When you check out the FREE labels that are mentioned below, you’ll find whatever you need to stick on whatever is going to be holding your seeds. No need for you to recreate the wheel!
  • Large Spoon – Grab a bigger spoon for the little ones to dig with! Even more fun? Decorate it with permanent marker for your child!
  • Artificial Flowers – Make sure you get the ones that have sturdy stems so they will easily stand up in the ground or pot that you use. Use a wire cutter or scissors to trim them down to where it works for you.
  • Plastic Bugs – Find these fun additions at dollar stores, or maybe even check out amazon. What a cute way to add a little fun to the project!
  • Small Plastic or Clay Pots
  • Popsicle Sticks – You need something to glue those cute flower signs onto!
  • Adhesive – Use whatever works best for you to make sure the labels are firmly secured to the sticks and plastic bags!
  • Box – You need something to carry all of this fun stuff around in! Find something that your child can hang onto easily. It can be as simple as a cardboard box you have around the house or a cute tote you find at the store!
  • Dirt – Don’t forget the main piece!

And best of all? Our Peaceful Planet includes a FREE Downloadable PDF with all of the detailed instructions AND plant labels and stake tags! How awesome is that! The kids are going to think they hit the jackpot with this super fun DIY Kit that you can make in no time at all. Get to planting some amazing things inside to watch over the cold months ahead, or save this idea for next summer. Either way, it’s a great project to do with the kids and will help them feel included the next time you need to get your own gardening finished! Thanks, Our Peaceful Planet!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: Kids Garden Kit: Make It Yourself

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