Photography Tips for Busy Moms


I don’t know about you, but photographing my kids is probably one of my most favorite things to do as a mom! I have a DSLR camera that isn’t the highest in professional quality, but does great for the photos I take of my family and inspirations in my life. I’ve actually, gasp… taken it off of Auto mode and work hard to increase my skills in the Manual Mode world every year. And I LOVE it!

That being said, we know that plenty of you wonderful moms out there would love more tips and advice on how to take better pictures of your kids. Who doesn’t? It can be a challenge some days and you may wonder why you even bother. Everything turns out blurry or you miss the “perfect” moment because you can’t figure out what to push on the camera and when. But with this advice that was found over at, you’ll be a pro in no time!

3 Tips For Moms Trying To Capture Perfection Behind The Lens

  1. Plan

We all know that planning around small children can be next to impossible at times! But if you’re taking a trip somewhere or are trying to capture something specific with your children, take some time to think about your purpose when you’re getting ready to take those pictures. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you going to frame them or use the photos in any specific way? If you spend that time planning what you’re trying to come away with and know what your expectations are, it will make things so much easier when you’re actually in the moment, trying to take the photos.

2. Anticipate

Let’s face it. The chance of your little ones acting absolutely perfect the entire time you are trying to capture the photos you’re after is slim to none! Kids love to be active, it’s in their nature! It can take a lot out of you following their every move trying to get that “perfect” photo. This is where it can be really important to anticipate what their next move will be. Watch their actions and try to find that one minute where they might pause for a second. Ask them questions in an attempt to get them to freeze for the camera right when you need them to. The more time you spend upfront using different ploys to get them to take a second for you to take their picture, the less time you’ll be chasing them around in circles!

3. Time

I LOVE how this tip over at talks about feeling guilty for having your camera out at an entire event or activity, only to feel guilty for missing out on the “present moment.” I feel this way a lot, but have worked hard to stop falling into this trap. Some activities we do, I won’t even take my camera. If there is a picture that is a “must” I’ll whip out my camera phone and enjoy I’m capturing the moment without missing actually being a part of it. Or, talks about setting a timer and only keeping the camera out for that specific period of time. Instead of taking 20 shots of the activity, take 5 and than put the camera away and enjoy the time with the family. This is SUCH a great tip!

What do you do to capture the perfect pictures of your family?

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: A Free Photography Mini-Class For Busy Moms!

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  1. lograstudio says:

    Very good tips 🙂

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