How To Pack A Carry-On For Travel


When it comes to traveling with your family, How To Pack A Carry-On For Travel is one of the most important things of the trip if you’re flying! You need to make sure you have everything you need for all of your little ones at your fingertips and you need to have those go-to items available to keep everyone happy. Flying can be stressful enough, so being as prepared as possible only makes sense!

When we saw this great post from Back To Her Roots about What’s In My Carry On, we knew we were going to have to dig into the details to see how we could better pack our own carry on’s for flights with the family! And we’re so glad we did, because she had some amazing ideas!

So where do you even begin? From some snacks, cash, and needed essential travel documents to making sure you’re covered if someone ends up not feeling well, it can take a lot to make sure you don’t forget anything! And don’t forget the different items to bring along to make sure the kids don’t get bored, like the kindle, coloring books, or other easy distractions for them! Here are a few from Back To Her Roots. What great ideas!


  1. Be prepared to keep everyone hydrated by taking a great filtering water bottle. While you can’t have it full for when you go through security, there’s no stopping you from filling that up before you take off. What is better than fresh water for everyone when taking a trip?
  2. Taking a small toiletry bag with travel-size items in your carry-on will make sure that you are all set with any small emergencies that may crop up on your trip. From antibacterial items, bandaids, and ibuprofen, to the necessary evils like tissues, wipes, and lotion, you’ll be 100% on top of your game.
  3. Whether it’s a Kindle, an iPad, or the type of electronic device that floats your boat, this is a lifesaver when traveling with the family! If you have everyone else snoozing or distracted, you can get in some much needed quiet reading time. Or, help to keep the kids occupied with games and learning activities that you can make sure are available as well. Perfect!
  4. Paper and markers. This is perfect to keep the little ones busy on the plane with the drop-down tray in front of them.
  5. Having everyone’s sunglasses handy is great for when you arrive at your destination. If you’re traveling somewhere where it won’t be a concern, it’s one less thing you have to stuff in your carry on!
  6. Gum or small candies to suck on. If you’re with little ones, you know that sometimes flying can cause some uncomfortable times with their tiny ears. And you may have some ear problems that chewing gum can help to eradicate. You’ll want this one handy
  7. Many people just don’t dig the items that the airlines offer when it comes to beverages and snacks, so why not bring your own! If you have a water bottle, you can add easy mix-in items to give your water a little refreshed lift. Or pack some of your favorite tea to ease the nerves and stress that can sometimes accompany traveling with the family!
  8. Keys! Make sure you always know where these are. There is nothing worse than getting back home and having no idea where your keys are, only to end up digging through your traveling items for 30 minutes. Pare down the keys that you don’t need and travel light. It will make things so much easier!
  9. The worst thing is trying to dig around for your money when you’re stopping to pick something up in the airport. So make sure you keep your wallet in the carry on and it’s in an easy access area!
  10. Passports and travel documents need to be kept in a well-remembered spot in your carry on! You’ll be using these things a lot during your trip, so make sure they are handy for everyone in your family!
  11. Your phone. Just like the kindle or iPad can help to keep the kids occupied, your phone will help you out, too! Just don’t forget your charger or earbuds if the kids want to listen to music and you need to keep it charged up before you reach your destination!
  12. Money! Keep some in an easy access area in case you run into a circumstance where you need to quick tip someone or you have to find a few bucks to get a last minute item.
  13. Snacks! Look at all of the room Back To Her Roots leaves in her carry on for snacks! Genius! Buying things at the airport is so expensive and is usually never healthy, so why not pack a few of your own favorites. This way, you’ll also know what the kids are going to be munching on and you won’t have to worry about finding things that will work for them when you are in unfamiliar areas. You’ll be 100% in charge of what everyone gets to snack on to keep everything healthy and everyone full of energy for their long travel day. We love this!

It looks like you’re going to be all set the next time you get ready to pack your family for your next vacation! Don’t forget to bring your Go Anywhere Booster Seat so your little one can eat on the go! The carry on is one of the most important pieces of luggage that you’ll be bringing with you, so it makes sense to think it through and make sure you don’t miss a thing that you and the family will need!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: What’s In My Carry On

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