Tricks On Successfully Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth


One of the biggest rights of passage once your baby grows into a toddler right before your eyes is having them successfully learn how to brush their teeth! It can be a messy proposition for awhile, but these Tricks On Successfully Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth from will help ease the pain for everyone and will even make it fun!

If you’re anything like most parents we know, mornings can be the busiest time of the day. It can be a lot of work to get everyone ready to go and brushing teeth can quickly become a battle! So why despair over baby teeth that will fall out in a matter of time, anyways? gives some great reasons why it’s important to take good care of them from Day 1, but one of the most important is that those precious baby teeth hold your toddler’s jaw correctly and will give the right support once permanent teeth develop under the gums. By following the American Academy of Family Physicians and cleaning your toddler’s teeth twice daily, you will help them get a great jump on personal hygiene and giving them the healthiest teeth and gums that they can get!

So what is the best way to brush your toddler’s teeth? You can start by dampening a soft cloth and gently massaging your child’s gums. It’s a great way to get them used to having their teeth cleaned as soon as those precious little pearly whites appear!

Once they begin to brush with a toothbrush, you will want to make sure you apply a small amount of non-fluoride toothpaste on a toothbrush made for their size. Luckily, there are tons of great toothbrushes out on the market now that your kids will be sure to love, from princesses to super heroes. Yay!

Make sure you stand by your toddler while they start brushing and help them see what they are doing and give them pointers on ways to make sure they brush their teeth to the max. Plaque forms around the gum line, so always do a double check that they are doing a good job and there are no signs of decay.


Let your toddler know that by using small, circular motions around the teeth they will be sure to do a great job brushing their teeth! Another great tip from is to have your child start at the back of the mouth and move towards the front. It helps them to keep track of what they are doing and not lose their place. And don’t forget to brush those gums!

Next step? Spit the toothpaste from their mouth! This one may take some time to fully understand and get down pat, so make sure you’re patient with your little munchkin. Give them an example and show them how you do it. Kids love to follow your lead!

Do you have a little one that is NOT excited about brushing their teeth? What is the best way to handle it? It’s always best not to push and soon enough they will realize that brushing their teeth is something that everyone does in the morning and at bedtime. Again, by following your example, they’ll get the point soon enough. Just bring them into the bathroom with you when you are going to be brushing your teeth and let them observe and get more comfortable with the routine. Let them know that everyone brushes their teeth in the morning and before going to bed and soon enough, they’ll be asking to join in.

And if that doesn’t do the trick, find one of those fun toothbrushes that will get them super excited about brushing their teeth. Try to find one of their favorite cartoon character or a toothbrush that is their favorite color. Kids also love to be involved as much as possible. Ask them to help get the toothpaste onto the brush and to clean everything up when you’re all finished. And nothing works wonders like showering your child with praise for a job well done!

Don’t sweat it and soon enough with these great tips from, your toddler will be brushing their teeth with ease in no time!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Simple Tips on How to Brush Toddler Teeth the Right Way

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