Momma’s Little Reviews Features Booster Seat


We absolutely love hearing everyone’s experience and thoughts when it comes to the Go Anywhere Booster Seat! That’s why when Momma’s Little Reviews featured it on their website, we were thrilled to see what another mom thought about our product!

Read what this Mom thought, below:

“Bringing my daughter out to eat with family and friends is such a hassle. Half of the time restaurants are out of high chairs, and the other half of the time the high chair’s straps are broken. After fighting my daughter TONS of times in an unstrapped high chair, I started searching for an easier solution.

This portable booster seat is a huge life saver. Its pretty small, so I am able to carry it with us wherever we go. It fits perfectly in her diaper bag. It has two straps on the bottom and one strap around the top. All I needed to do was connect the straps around and under the chair. The straps on this booster are adjustable so not only was I able to fix it to fit the chair, I was also able to make sure it was the perfect fit for my daughter.

The seat of the booster had plenty of padding, so my daughter was easily able to reach the table. It was also extremely soft so she wasn’t uncomfortable. I was very happy to find that this had straps that went around her legs, as well as her shoulders (similar to a car seat) so she was completely buckled in! She was able to look around, but was not able to stand up or climb out! This made me feel super secure because I knew there was no way for her to fall out.

My daughter did not seem to mind being strapped in, and ate her supper as usual. This is absolutely perfect for dinner out with family, but I would also suggest it for people who travel a lot! This portable booster is worth every penny! My family and I are SUPER impressed!”

Thanks so much for the wonderful words of support, Momma’s Little Reviews! We’re thrilled to hear that it worked well for you and your family. Our goal is to make traveling easy with children, as well as to make it as safe as possible. The Go Anywhere Booster Seat does just that!

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Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: Go Anywhere Booster Seat by A Parent Company

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