Cluttered Home With Toys? Try the 20 Toy Rule


The struggle is real, parents! Clutter, being unorganized and just having a mess all of the time are very real things that many parents deal with on a daily basis. It can be SO HARD to keep everything immaculate when you have little ones running around just waiting to tear apart what you finally managed to put back together! So when we saw this great post from DIY On The Cheap, we knew we had to share this genius mom’s clutter solution!

After being completely overwhelmed and tired of all of the clutter, this mom was craving a more simple life that would ultimately result in less of a mess. We all know that “more” may not necessarily mean better, but we’ve all been guilty of spoiling our kids at one point or another. Or, we have family members that do, which only results in more stuff that we, as parents, need to organize!

Are you sick of looking at a cluttered mess everyday? Is it impossible to keep things clean because there is just SO MUCH STUFF?! Than listen to what DIY On The Cheap did! She told her kids that they could choose 20 toys that they could keep. Can you even imagine? I think most kids would be sent into a complete tailspin by the mere mention of having to get rid of items, as did this mom’s kids… at first! Amazingly, she said that after they realized how many toys were in bins and on the floor that they rarely, if ever, even played with, it wasn’t as bad as they originally thought!

Before going full speed ahead, make sure you give your children some time to thoughtfully choose the toys that they want to make sure they will be able to keep. DIY On The Cheap gave her kids a couple of days to slowly start the process of decluttering and saying goodbye to toys that they never used.

Some items that she didn’t make them decide between and were automatically staying? Legos, Art Supplies, Blocks, Books, and things that helped with learning and coordination. That being said, these types of items were now moved into specific bins and buckets, where they would be kept out of the way and easy to find.

Once she got her children to select their 20 toys that they were going to keep, all of the rest were stashed into storage bins. Than what?


For now, DIY On The Cheap decided that the storage bins were going to stay in the basement. She wanted to make sure to give it a little time so nothing was hastily discarded that might, indeed, hold a special meaning. Once some time passes, though, she plans to donate a majority of the toys, while some will stay in storage and occasionally be swapped in and out of the rotation of toys.

And the final announcement? Every time her kids now receive a new toy, it’s time to donate something old to make sure there will be room for the new present. What a great idea!


DIY On The Cheap gave us some insight into how things have been going since her family’s big change and surprisingly, the kids barely notice that they have given up so many toys! Nobody missed the clutter or had a meltdown over toys that were gone and everyone enjoyed all of the extra space and organization. It now takes barely any time at all to clean up after play time!

This just makes us wonder… how many more rooms and areas in our homes could we employ the same strategy? Just think of the freedom of space when you break free from all of the “stuff” in your life! Hopefully you’re as motivated as we are to get to work!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: The 20 Toy Rule: How We Decluttered Our Playroom and Simplified Our Life

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