10 Items Around The House That Need to be Replaced


Life gets so busy sometimes when you’re dealing with raising a family. Before you know it, a year has passed and you don’t even know where the time went! Which is why it can be so important to stay on top of the different things that need to be replaced in your home on a regular basis. You don’t want to get the little ones sick with items that are continuously collecting bacteria and by starting fresh, you’ll make sure that everyone is as healthy as can be! So don’t miss these 10 Items Around The House That Need to be Replaced that we caught over at BuzzFeed! And yes… now we’re going to head to the store to immediately replace everything on this list! 🙂

1. Your kitchen sponge.

Your kitchen sponge.

Make sure you’re replacing your kitchen sponge about once a week, unless you kill germs on your sponge by microwaving it on high for one minute. Or, throw it in the dishwasher to make sure it’s getting rid of those nasty germs, too. Because if you don’t, millions of bacteria are going to accumulate on it that can eventually put you and your family at risk for food poisoning! Yikes!

Even if you regularly use some of the above cleaning techniques to wash away the germs on your sponge, it’s still a good idea to regularly replace your sponges to make sure you’re family is staying as germ-free as possible!

2. Your pillows.

Your pillows.

Think about replacing your pillows in the home about once every 18 months. Old pillows tend to collect all kinds of unpleasant things like mold, dead skin and dust mites. These items can all trigger illness and/or allergies! This one can make us a bit sad, though, because there is nothing like that perfect pillow you find! Sometimes we just never want to let it go!

3. Your loofah.

Your loofah.

If sponges need to get replaced every week or two, it should be a big surprise that your loofah should get replaced often, too! It’s recommended to be replaced about every 3 months, although you still should clean it in the meantime with super hot water. Also make sure you let them dry outside the shower in between uses. Yup, you guessed it. Loofahs are a breeding ground for bacteria and can ultimately lead to skin infections if not cleaned properly or replaced often.

4. Your herbs and spices.

Your herbs and spices.

Herbs and spices can be so tricky, because some of them are just not used as often as others! But as a rule of thumb, if herbs and spices are stored correctly, herbs should be replaced after 1 year, while spices generally can last up to 3 years.

Even though herbs and spices don’t necessarily go “bad”, they do tend to lose their flavor, which is pretty much the point of having them around!

So if you’re starting to notice that your stand-by family meals are losing some of their pizzazz and you just can’t figure out why, it may be time to replace those herbs and spices!

5. Your child’s car seat.

Your car seat.

Generally, carseats should be replaces every 5-6 years after the date of manufacturing. Car seats to actually have expiration dates, which you can find on the actual seat, so that will help you base your decision on if it’s time to grab a new one. Also, your child may not last in their car seat an entire 5-6 years anyways, so you may not even think it’s a big deal…

… unless you use it as a hand-me-down for younger children in the family. The parts in car seats do tend to warp and wear out over time, which would make your children more susceptible to harm in a car crash. So if you’re using an older child’s car seat for a younger child, just make sure you’re staying within that 5-6 year window!

6. Your toothbrush.

Your toothbrush.

No surprise here! You should typically replace your toothbrush ever 3-4 months. Think about doing it even sooner if the bristles become frayed from use. This is according to the American Dental Association, so make sure to listen up! Kids’ toothbrushes should probably be changed out even sooner, since they aren’t quite up to par in their cleaning skills yet.

Obviously, older toothbrushes can develop bacteria and other yucky germs over time, but they also become less effective to actually clean your teeth after 3 months, as well. So do you and your dentist a favor… replace that toothbrush!

7. Your beauty products.

Your beauty products.

Check out the handy picture guide above to get a sense of when you should be replacing a myriad of beauty products. Typically, they can go anywhere from 2 months to 3 years, so pay attention!

Don’t keep using expired beauty products just because they’re in your drawer. Believe it or not, it can cause problems you more than likely don’t want to deal with, including inflammation, rashes, and allergic reactions that can be severe if left untreated!

8. Your smoke detector.

Your smoke detector.

We’re not just talking about the batteries here, we’re talking about the entire smoke detector! Think about replacing it once every ten years. That may seem like an eternity, but if you’re not quite sure when the current smoke detectors showed up in your home, you may just want to play it safe and replace them. It’s definitely worth it to make sure they are running properly and can potentially save you and your family’s life!

9. Your baby’s pacifier.

Your baby's pacifier.

Sometimes it can be SO HARD to get those little ones to take a new pacifier, but it’s in your best interest to replace it once every two months. Older pacifiers are likely to get contaminated with biofilms, which can increase the risk of developing colic or ear infections. Older pacifiers are also more likely to break, which can become a choking hazard for a little one. Play it safe!

Your non-stick cookware.

Do you have pots and pans that are chipped and scratched? Than stop using it immediately and get it replaced, which typically should happen about every two years.

I know we are going to feel much better when we get these items all replaced in our homes, and we hope you will, too! Some of these items we may just stock up on so replacing them isn’t so much of a hassle. Particularly the ones that are recommended to be replaced on a regular basis. Thank goodness for BuzzFeed, because some of these items may still be hanging on without realizing we should be replacing them! Make your home as happy and healthy for your family as possible.

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 15 Household Items You Need To Replace Right Now

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