5 Tips to Bring Adventure Into Your Child’s Life


“Adventure is out there”

As soon as we saw this article and quote over at Love, Play and Learn, we knew it was such a powerful parenting post that would help children to live a more adventurous life! This quote comes from the movie, UP, and is so inspirational to encourage imagination, bravery and to live life to the fullest. As parents, we can use these lessons in our lives, as well!

So how do you live a life full of adventure in the day-to-day routines that become engrained into our schedule so quickly? Love, Play and Learn really nails it by reminding us that it’s about bringing adventure into our everyday lives. Teaching our kids to love and respect nature are great lessons that will help them their entire lives. So how are parents encouraged do do this? These 5 Tips to Bring Adventure Into Your Child’s Life will help with ideas to make exactly that happen!

  1. Play Outside

It doesn’t get much easier than that! It might seem like such a basic idea that shouldn’t really be too hard to incorporate, but in today’s society, kids have become so attached to the technology at their fingertips. It can be much more difficult to get them to spend time playing outside, rather than be engrossed in the latest tablet or video game. Promoting physical health is such an important parenting role that we have to play and by spending more time playing outside, it will automatically encourage adventure! Create bug hunts! Teach them about the different kinds of trees in your area. Collecting rocks is always a big hit, too. Before you know it, they are going to be begging to spend more time outside everyday!

2. Go Hiking

The word “hiking” might sound like a lot of work to some little ones, so rephrase it to say the family is going to go on a nature walk. When you’re out on your walk, encourage exploration of the things around you. Comment on the beauty and individuality of all of the items around you and see if you can find animal tracks to follow. Turn it into an unforgettable adventure, or even think about creating a scavenger hunt to make it more exciting!

3. Go Geo-Caching

Is this something you and your family has heard of? Geo-Caching is quite the trend over the last few years and it is such a fun opportunity to pique your child’s curiosity and encourage adventure!

Basically, geo-caching is a super fun way to not only encourage adventure, but to also teach your children how to navigate with a compass. It’s a modern-day treasure hunt! By using the coordinates of the caches that you can find online, as well as clues and hints you have learned, your child will find a “treasure”! Sometimes there are things that you can take with, as long as you leave something behind for the next person, as well. By downloading the geo-caching app, you’ll be able to take the kids on treasure hunts, no matter where you are! Head over to Love, Play and Learn for even more tips when it comes to geo-caching!

4. Head over to your local Zoo, Aquarium, or Aviary

Learning about many different types of animals is such a great way to foster a sense of adventure. The kiddos love to learn about all of the different places around the world that the animals are originally from and also helps to teach them how to respect the animal and be kind. Just like Love, Play and Learn says, it’s a great way to bring up subjects like endangered species, conservation, habitats and more. What a great way to teach the kids while they’re having fun!

5. Keep Your Own Sense of Adventure Open

By being spontaneous and letting the days lead you on new adventures when an opportunity arises, you are showing your kids that not everything has to be structured and planned. Routines keep us in check, but spontaneity keeps the adventure alive in all of us!

Even little things by surprising the kids with a dinner out, or by having dessert first (we LOVE this idea from Love, Play and Learn!), you are showing kids that being adventurous is a great way to promote a sense of togetherness and create fun opportunities when everyone least expects it!

There are so many more ways that you can bring adventure into a child’s life, but these are great ways to start! Who doesn’t want to bring a little more adventure into their lives when it means spending time with your kids and helping them creep out of their comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at the changes you may see in your child as they get the hang of what it means to be adventurous!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 6 Ways to Raise Adventurous Kids

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