8 Easy Tricks for School Morning Sanity


If you fall in the category of having an easy time every morning as you’re trying to get your children ready for school, than we are completely jealous of you and want to know your secrets! On the other hand, if you’re like a majority of us who kind of, sort of… DREAD the mornings when you have to get your children ready for school, than these 8 Easy Tricks for School Morning Sanity are for you! Because who wants to deal with constant fights over getting dressed, brushing teeth and putting on the shoes as slow as humanly possible. Ugh!

B-InspiredMama.com has some great tricks up her sleeve to make life oh. so. easy. on those crazy school mornings and we’re happy to share them with you below! Many may agree that getting the kiddos ready for school may be at the bottom of their favorite parenting activities, so thank goodness her tips are here to save us! And she is NOT above “tricking” kids to get things moving, too!

  1. Goof Off –

How do your kids react to you when you just get silly? When you start singing at the top of your lungs or talk in voices that take them by surprise? B-InspiredMama.com does this and she finds that it puts a smile on her kids’ faces every single time and tends to make things a little easier in the morning. What an easy trick to try out now!

2. Tickling or Scratching Backs –

This one may go along with #1, but in a bit more of a nurturing way. Back scratching always seems to butter up my kids and it’s always a good bribe for a job well done! On the other hand, if nobody seems to be listening to you, maybe it’s time for the tickle monster to pay a visit! Things seem to get done quick when the tickle monster threatens to spend some time with them!

3. Ground Zero = The Kitchen Table –

Having a time set where everyone needs to “meet at the table” has been a great trick for B-InspiredMama.com. By setting a time where everyone needs to meet with everything they need to take with them to school, it gives them a bit of structure to know what the next item on the schedule will be. And threatening no breakfast if they don’t get moving always seems to get kids moving a little faster, too!


4. Easy Breakfasts –

If you are the type of parent that likes to whip up a solid breakfast that is home-cooked every morning, than you deserve a medal! But for us, we prefer to keep things easy in the morning in order to get the kids moving. One thing that has helped B-InspiredMama.com in her quest for a peaceful morning routine is finding quick things for breakfast in the morning that are hot, filling and easy! Things like freezer waffles or breakfast sandwiches that you can pop in the microwave while the kids are finishing up are perfect. Hit up the freezer section next time in your local grocery store and see what you can find!


5. Fresh Fruit –

Fresh fruit is an easy way to have the kids “serve” themselves in the morning and it’s a great way to round out a quick breakfast. B-InspiredMama.com keeps various fruit easily accessible for the kids to grab and apples and bananas are always kid-approved! What a great way to make sure they start out their day with a healthy serving of fruit!

6. Homework In the A.M. –

What? B-InspiredMama.com surprised us with this trick! But she has found that they are better able to concentrate first thing in the morning and have a longer stamina for sticking things out. By the time kids get home from school, they are ready to unwind after a long day of learning and it makes fighting over getting homework done so much easier! Just make sure you allow yourself enough time for the kids to finish whatever they may have waiting for them in their backpack!

7. Coloring Books, Stickers and Art Supplies –

Have little ones that just need something to do while older siblings are working on homework or finishing getting ready? Break out the art supplies and get them busy at the table. Stickers ALWAYS do the trick in our home!

8. Bribery –

When all else fails, bribery tends to do wonders! While it may not be a daily example to set, it definitely seems to have helped B-InspiredMama.com deal with the Monday morning blues. If the kids spent the weekend staying up a bit too late and are dreading the return to the daily routine, you may have to just find a little something extra special to get their motivation in check! B-InspiredMama.com uses a warm cup of hot chocolate or a yummy fruit smoothie as an extra incentive to get moving on Monday mornings. Once the kids hit the car? It’s time for their special drink!

And just like that, your kids will be out the door and ready for another school day. And you’ll still be alive! No matter what your morning routine is like with the kids on school days, there is always room for improvement. Hopefully the above tips and tricks will help make your mornings a little more smooth, as well!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 8 Simple School Morning Routine Tricks

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