Helping High Energy Kids Sleep


We recently came across some great tips from I Can Teach My Child for Helping High Energy Kids Sleep. This is especially helpful if you have some kiddos who just won’t seem to unwind and have an endless amount of energy. We’re sure you can relate and may have these high-energy children yourself! It can be so hard to get them to fall asleep when all they want to do is continue to move, move, move!

Luckily, I Can Teach My Child has a few tried-and-true suggestions that may help you get things under control and have your little energizer bunnies sleeping in no time!

  1. Stick With A Solid Routine

We’ve all heard it a million times and no matter what, establishing a routine is critical for all children, but especially for high-energy kids! Whether you create a chart that your child has to follow at night, or you work with them to make sure they are well aware of what they have to accomplish before lights out, make sure they do these things every night to get into solid bedtime habits. That may include baths, brushing teeth, PJ time, bedtime stories, or whatever routine your family wants to incorporate. The more predictable the nightly routine is, the more soothing and beneficial it will be for everyone!

2. Remove Sugar and Sweets After Dinner

Children tend to get a bit wound up after having sugar, so if you’re going to give the kids a dessert, make sure you try to do it well before they go to bed! Nothing makes bedtime worse than kids who are wound up from too many sweets. Add a high-energy child into the mix with excess sugar and you’ll have a kid bouncing off of the walls for hours to come. And refusing to go to sleep!

3. End Playtime Well Before Bedtime

I Can Teach My Child definitely hits the nail on the head with this tip! Many parents only get a few hours with their kids after work and school and before they go to bed, so it may seem like the only time they get to play and burn off that extra energy that everyone has at the end of the night. But sometimes that means the kids are so wound up it can take an extra hour to calm them down for bedtime! So… if you’re going to do some wrestling or running around with the kiddos, make sure you do it well before bedtime! Keep that last hour of the night for baths, quiet time, reading stories, or whatever else your family may love to do that doesn’t involve high-energy play and games.

4. Diffuse Lavender Essential Oil In Kids’ Rooms

Lavender is well-known to help children calm down and relax. It helps to alleviate anxiety and is soothing to take in before bedtime. There is a reason that many bedtime bath ingredients include lavender. So why not diffuse it in your little one’s room during that last half hour before bedtime, as well as overnight, too? Not only does the room smell wonderful and is great to be in, but it helps children (and adults) calm down and fall asleep quicker on a regular basis. You may even want to try to rub lavender essential oil on the bottom of your child’s feet when they are all tucked in. It can make a huge difference to alleviate that high-energy vibe that is in your house at night.

We were so grateful to find these tips! Do you have any other recommendations that have helped you create a peaceful and calm bedtime environment to relax your high-energy kiddos? Comment below and let us know!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: How to Help High Energy Kids Fall Asleep

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