5 Tips for Self-Reliance in Your Family


When it comes to teaching our children how to take care of the things they have and be self-reliant on their own skills and habits, it is a wonderful skill for them to master. What parent wouldn’t want their child to be to be self-reliant throughout their life to make sure they are able to accomplish all of their goals and more? These 5 Tips for Self-Reliance in Your Family from The Survival Mom will help to ingrain beneficial skills that will take them throughout their entire lives!

In a world where everything is immediate and our needs are met instantaneously, children may be missing valuable lessons one what it would mean to know that they will be able to survive on the things that they have created. The Survival Mom makes such a good point when wondering if the next generation will be prepared for anything that may arise, like generations before us were able to do at the drop of a hat. God forbid, what if the next generation had to survive another Great Depression? Would they be able to make it?

These are all great reasons why it’s important to instill habits of self-reliance in our kids and make sure that they can effectively handle what comes their way. But how?

By following these 5 tips for preparedness, along with setting positive examples by your own actions, your children will be able to handle anything that comes their way.

  1. Being Thrifty and Frugal

The Survival Mom reminds of the old saying, “Eat it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”, which is such a great reminder not only to teach our children, but for ourselves!  How many times have we simply bought something that could have been fixed, if we only had the time or patience? Or better yet, how many things have you thrown away that could have been repurposed to something different in your home?

It’s also imperative that you start watching where your money is going and you have a family budget set up. While this may be something that will greatly benefit your entire family and will keep you on track, it’s also a great way to live by example on how your children should manage their own money in a safe and functional way. Do your kids understand the difference between wants and needs? Now is the time to teach them!  “Keeping up with the Joneses” isn’t the mindset you want your children leaving home with!

2. Teach Independence

As The Survival Mom says, this isn’t just independence in everyday tasks and making sure they are able to survive the menial tasks they may have to do, but it’s learning to be independent from anything that would prevent them from living a full life. Help them conquer bad habits, teach them the benefits of how eating healthy and exercising will help them avoid challenges later in life and of course, money…

How do you teach a child what it means to be financially independent? First, by working with them about how destructive buying things on credit can be is a start. Again, this is a great way to live by example and work on paying your own debt down, if you have some. By showing them how restrictive it can be in the long run, you’ll be helping them to learn what not to do in their own future.

It’s also important to teach your children how they can be independent with time and how to prioritize the things that they do. The Survival Mom stresses the importance of being kind and charitable and making sure time is spent helping others. What a great way to teach your kids empathy, as well as helping them appreciate the things that they have in their own lives even more!

3. Teach Them to be Industrious

What in the world would it mean to teach your children to be industrious? The Survival Mom talks about how hard it can be to be resourceful all of the time, so it’s important to help your child discover talents and opportunities around them that they may not have known they had!

Maybe teaching them to sew so they are able to create their own items later in life, or fix the things that fall apart before buying something new. Or helping them to determine the best route of education for them to be as marketable as possible in their future careers. What great ways to make sure they will be self-reliant in the future!

4. Strive for Self-Reliance 

The Survival Mom stresses the importance of being able to do, make or fix anything that may cross paths with your family, but it’s going to take hard work and practice before the skills are mastered that they will need. What is the best way to learn different skills and how would you put them into practice? As we all know, the internet is a great resource for being able to find DIY solutions for things that may crop up in your life, as well as having your child work on building these skills, as well! It saves so much money by doing things yourself in your family, which in turn, helps to create a self-reliant family atmosphere. Not to mention, there can be such a sense of price that comes with fixing things yourself and mastering new skills. Think of how your child’s self-confidence will soar, the better they learn new things that will help them be self-reliant!

Gardening is a great way to help the family be self-reliant. What a great skill to pass on to your children. Not only are you able to produce food that is as fresh as can be for your family, but it also allows you to spend time with the ones you love when you’re caring for the garden.

5. Work on Helping Your Child Contribute to Having a Year’s Supply of Clothes and Food

What? Is this really possible? Don’t worry, it’s not as overwhelming as you may think and The Survival Mom walks you through the baby steps to get there! Make lists for amounts of things you may need and what they consume in the course of one day and multiply it by 7. You suddenly have what your goal will be for a 1 week supply! Once you have that supply stored up, add to it until you have three months stores. Next, 6 months, 9 months and finally 1 year.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but what a sense of accomplishment and relief when you know that your family won’t have to rely on anyone else to get you through any potential hardship, and you may even be able to help those around you who are struggling! How could you teach your child anything more useful?!

For clothing, watch clearance racks, out-of-season items and thrift stores to start building up your supply. And by stocking up on fabric that is on sale, you’ll be able to have a good supply to sew from, once you master that skill.

How amazing to be able to teach your child the benefits of self-reliance!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Steps to Creating a Culture of Self-Reliance

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