5 Ways To Get Your Child to Love Reading


Getting your child excited about reading can be so much fun, if you start young and go about it in the right way. These 5 Ways To Get Your Child to Love Reading from Nurture Store are great ways to use practical and fun ideas to fill their entire world with a love of books and reading. And what more, as a parent, could you possibly want? Books unlock a a whole new world for everyone who decides to explore them! But too often, it can be a bit of a challenge to get our children to want to read. With so much more exciting technology out there, video games, and other fun tablet activities, there is a lot of competition!

These 5 tips, though, will help children any age gain the knowledge and excitement that books can bring. If you’re wondering when a good time would be to get your kids into the world of reading, this will help you get started!

5 Ways to Get Your Child to Love Reading

Nurture Store gives us a taste of the tips that are inside a much larger book that provides 75 tips on making your child a rock star when it comes to books! But these 5 tips will get you started with clever ideas that will make your child excited about opening the pages of any book they may have!


  1. Make a Personal ABC Book

Not only is this an easy solution for you, as a parent, to put together, but it makes a child super excited to have something personalized to them! You can do things as easy or as high-tech as you want. Do a quick cut-and-glue book with pictures and markers, or print off something more digital from the computer. Whatever you decide, having something that features photos of things they are familiar with, such as toys, family members or pets, is such a great idea. What better way to get them slowly learning what letters of the alphabet make up the world around them!


2. Let your Child Show You How a Book Works

What a great way to let your child show their independence, while walking them through the steps of reading! By giving your child an age-appropriate book and letting them open the pages and point things out to you, they are boosting their own understanding and they feel like a little rock star! Even if they can’t read what they are pointing out, when they tell you their own versions of the story, they are comprehending what is in the book. We love this!


3. Have a Library-Book Parade

This is such a wonderful idea from Nurture Store on how to add a little twist to books your kids already love! There are a few ways you can do this. If you already go to the library on a regular basis and pick out a handful of books, make sure you take them home and display them on a shelf or counter where your child is always seeing them! It doesn’t do much good to bring the books home, just to sit in a basket or stacked in their room! It makes it more eye-catching and helps them see and remember which books they picked out to begin with!

Also, think about doing this idea with themes! If a holiday is approaching, make your book parade revolve around the holiday! Or a specific theme you may be working on, such as being polite, have those books on display for the kids to get excited about reading! What a great way to help them learn about things that are going on around you, as well as having a great way to display the books that they can dig into whenever they want!


4. Find the Best Writing Tools for Your Child

When you are first starting to work on writing things out with your little ones, it is a great idea to make sure that whatever writing tool they are using is suitable for their little hands! Instead of going straight for a pencil, maybe have them start with chalk or wide crayons. It helps to keep kids interested when they are able to easily hold the writing tool they are using!


5. Build Fine Motor Skills to Make Writing Easier

Who knew that working on fine motor skills with younger children would help support your child’s ability to write?! By working with babies, toddlers and preschoolers in developing their fine motor skills, it helps them tremendously when they reach the stage where more formalized reading and writing begins. Make sure their little minds and bodies are ready for the skills they will soon acquire by helping them get their fingers and hands ready through playing with toys like Legos.

Use these tips to start building strong readers in your home, before your child even knows what reading is! What a great way to make it fun and easy for them and before they know it, they are learning!

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