7 Ways to Help Your Anxious Child

Do you have a child that tends to be nervous, scared and anxious when trying new things? If so, Dr. Robyn Silverman has 7 Ways to Help Your Anxious Child when they are facing times of stress!

If your child continually is asking questions about how they will get through an event without you, what they will do if they are scared, wanting you to accompany them to everything that is out of the norm, this is going to help get you through those tough conversations! It can be hard to watch our child experience these feelings, but it’s imperative to work with them on overcoming their anxiety. We want them to try constructive new things, and this is how you can help them!

  1. Watch The Time

Is your child really tired? It’s probably not the right time to have a conversation on their fears and anxieties. They can be tired after a full day of school, play, activities, etc., but you want to make sure you are having these conversations with them when they are fresh and focused! Let them know that their feelings are important and you want to talk to them about it, but they need to get a good night’s sleep first. Exhaustion will only make it harder!

2. Let your Child Know It’s Ultimately Their Decision

Make sure your kids know that they are in charge of their emotions and if they start feeling anxious or fearful about something, that they can tell that emotion that they are not going to let it control them! Make sure they know that they should feel a sense of ownership when it comes to their feelings and the choices that they make, based on those feelings!

3. Help Them Figure Out What Will Ease Their Anxiety.

What will help them get through an event that they are particularly anxious about? One example that Dr. Robyn Silverman had was to write a note to someone in charge at the event/sleepover/campout, or whatever your child is anxious about, letting them know that your child has a question. But… make sure that’s as far as you go! Your child can then ask the question, based on what will make them feel more comfortable. It sends a message to them that you won’t do it for them, and that you believe in them enough that they can handle the situation on their own. It’s important for kids to speak up for themselves, even if they are using a small reminder (like your note). Make them more empowered!

4. Have Your Child Write Down Their Questions They Want to Ask

Your child may have lots of questions about this new experience that they may have, but are afraid to ask. But if you work with them on writing down all of the questions, it helps them feel that they are going to be listened to and it will ease their fears to know that things may not be as scary as they thought. Help your child learn that they can ask questions, ease fears and gain knowledge that will help them be less anxious in the end!

5. Calm Yourself

OK, if your child is nervous and anxious, their is a decent chance it’s making you anxious, as well. Nobody likes to see their child struggle, no matter what! You may be worried about giving them the wrong advice, or having them struggle to enjoy the experience and want to quit. So don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements! If you need help caring for another child while you’re focusing on this big event, ask for help! Talk about your concerns with people you trust so your own fears don’t come out when talking to your child!

6. Preparation and Problem-Solving Is Part of the Experience

It can take time to get to the point of your child successfully conquering their fear and anxiety, so make sure you celebrate the small wins before that! Acknowledge your child’s bravery when tackling a small part of their anxiety. Are they scared about a sleepover? Congratulate them when they successfully make it through a short playdate during the day! Progress needs to be rewarded so your child knows that they are heading in the right direction!

7. Celebrate The Big Win

Whether they took a few small steps forward or they faced their fear 100% and came out great on the other side, it took courage for their little minds and hearts! Let them know how proud you are of them and encourage them to be proud of themselves! Believing in themselves is going to help them move forward when dealing with the items that make them anxious time and time again!

Dr. Robyn Silverman said that by working on giving our children the tools they need to empower themselves, they will be able to do more than they ever thought was possible! How great that they are on the brink of more courageous firsts that will be coming their way and you’ll know that they can get through them successfully!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: The Courage to Try: 7 Vital Tips to Help Your Kids Try New Things Even If They Are Scared

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