One Amazing Tip to Talk to Children


Have you ever been talking to a child of yours and you feel like they haven’t even heard a thing you said? You are not alone! Dr. Robyn Silverman talks about this One Amazing Tip to Talk to Children when you just don’t think you’re getting through.

Let’s face it. We’ve all asked our child to put their toys away, clean up their room, get ready for school, and more. Soon, tensions rise, as things just aren’t getting done and before you know it, you may start yelling to get your child to pay attention! How else are you going to get them to listen?! It can be infuriating!

So what do you have to do to get the respect that you are looking for?

Dr. Robyn Silverman has a term for this kind of parenting… the “back-of-the-head parenting”. More often than not, kids won’t respond well when voices get raised. They won’t tune in and soon will not think it’s a big deal at all if you raise your voice to get their attention.

Children who have focusing issues tend to have so much going on in their brain at one time, that you yelling at them may not even be the loudest one they are hearing!


So the tip that will help your kids tune in, instead of tune you out, will be to engage more than one of their senses. Talk to them and engage their eyes AND their ears! That means that soon, you will be the focus that they should be paying attention to!

Still not getting the results you’re looking for? You may need to turn it up a notch and use a three-sensory approach that Dr. Robyn Silverman uses with her own kids.

Crouch down, look them straight in the eyes and use your voice to convey what you need them to know. Rest your hands softly on their shoulders or arms, too. This will ensure that you will have their full attention and soon, they’ll be able to tune you in the way you are looking for! Here is an example from Dr. Robyn Silverman:

“Noah; we are leaving in 5 minutes. We need to be on time because your friend is waiting and it shows kindness to be on time. Could you please get your shoes and socks on and meet me at the car so we can leave? Thank you. This is going to be fun!”

We all can get overwhelmed and exasperated at times when we are in the middle of a parenting meltdown. But yelling won’t do the trick over and over. We need to utilize other methods of addressing our children to make sure we get their attention and keep it!

This multi-sensory approach will help to keep things in check when the house starts getting a little crazy. It works, is easy to do and will yield the results you’re looking for sooner, rather than later! Good luck!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: Talking With Children? One Quick, Must-Have Technique Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know

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