5 Ways For After School Harmony


We’ve all been there. Our children may be perfect angels and listen well while they are in school, but once they get home, all bets are off! Why is there the after school frustration? Where did the tears come from when the school day went so seamlessly? These 5 Ways For After School Harmony may help to make sure that the whole day can be peaceful at home, even when the kids get home from school!

Dirt And Boogers created the best tips to help when kids start testing boundaries once they get home from school. It can make any parent frustrated and angry when your child won’t listen to a thing you say once they walk in the door!

But when you think about it, Dirt And Boogers came up with the most perfect reason why our children may do this when they get home from school. They are losing their cool around you because you are the safest person that they can fall apart around! They’ve spent their whole day keeping it together and dealing with a lot of emotions, so when they get home, they let loose and know they can stop restraining themselves without facing the consequences of teachers at school.

And when you think about it, of course you want your child to feel safe enough to fall apart when they have you to lean on!

But…you also need to set boundaries for what your child needs to manage once they do arrive home from a long day at school. So how can you successfully help your child transition from home to school in a successful manner? That’s where Dirt And Boogers steps in!

Parent taking child to school

Parent taking child to school

  1. Greet Without Drilling Your Child With Questions

After a long day at school, save all of the questions until your child has had a chance to unwind. Who likes to be bombarded with questions as soon as they walk in the door? I know I don’t! If that was me, it would completely stress me out!

Instead, Dirt And Boogers suggests to greet them with statements. Say things like, “It’s good to see you again” and “Welcome home”! Once your child has had a chance to wind down, ask about their day using open-ended questions. These kinds of questions prevent the dreaded one-word answers that never get you anywhere!

Asking questions like, “What was your favorite part of your day?”, “What kinds of things did you do in school?”, “Who did you play with today?”, etc. will help them feel like they have the power to own the conversation, as well!

2. Feed Your Kids After School

Hey, I know how I feel when I’ve had a long day and haven’t had a chance grab a snack. I start getting a little short-tempered and lose my cool much faster than I normally would!

Therefore, make sure you have some healthy snacks ready when they walk in the door! Filling them with energy and getting a little food will help them to be more open to a good afternoon! Fruits, veggies, yogurts, nuts and a nice big glass of water or milk will always do the trick!

3. Let Your Child Rest

A little downtime is key for your child to process their day and handle the stress they may have had to deal with at school! Let them have some time to play and blow off a little steam!

You know your child best. Do they need to burn off energy by running around outside or do they need a little relaxing time by playing tinker toys inside?

Once they have a little time to relax and unwind, you’ll be amazed how well the rest of the evening at home will go!

4. Enforce Rules and Consequences Consistently

While you want to make sure you allow your child to decompress after school, that doesn’t mean that they get to do whatever they want when they come home and rules get thrown out the window!

Dirt And Boogers discussed how children thrive when they know the routine and what is expected of them, so keep things as normal as possible. Let them know that what happens when rules aren’t followed and that they will be disciplined.

5. Make Sure to Connect and Focus On Your Child

You have to make sure that you spent time connecting with your child when they are getting used to a new routine after school! They may push boundaries to see what you will accept if you are lax about what is happening.

By spending one-on-one time with your child, you will be giving them the focus that they need! Even 10-15 minutes will help. This is the time to be present and ask those open-ended questions to connect on their school day.

Making sure that your child knows that you are available and present for them, they will know that they are important and being listened to!

And just like that, the after school routine will start going in a much more positive direction!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Sure Fire Ways to Stop the After School Attitude

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