Why Kids Need a Routine


Can you even picture it? Listening to kids crying all day long because they haven’t gotten enough rest. Eating at their own whim with nothing to control what or how much they eat. Being overly stimulated with every game, toy, TV show, etc. that could potentially be available. Yes, this is why kids aren’t in charge of making up their own daily routines! We all need a little structure in our lives, but The Forever Teacher shows us just how important this really is by going over WHY it’s so important!

If we aren’t the ones who create our children’s routines, than who will? We definitely don’t want toddlers running the show!

Why Kids Need a Routine

1. Sibling Control

If you have more than one child, you know how important having a routine can be! Even for the most laid-back parents, having a routine makes sure things run as smooth as possible! It can head off some of those meltdown moments when you’re not trying to do two things at once with multiple kids!

2. Mom Time

Yup, we said it! It’s important for MOM to get a little bit of a break for a little bit during the day. While moms would love to kick their feet up and rest for a bit, there are things like laundry, dishes, showering, etc. that moms need a little bit of uninterrupted time for, too. That’s when it’s imperative to schedule those nap times together for your kids, or get them scheduled on a consistent basis with the children you have in your home. It’s a God-send!

3. Time With Your Better Half

Most parents we know breath a sigh of relief when bedtime is over and the kids are sound asleep! For those of you who like to spend a little time with your significant other during the day, this is a great time to squeeze in a little time together! By having the kids on a consistent bedtime, you can plan to spend a little time together at the end of the day to keep that healthy relationship going strong!

4. School Preparation

We love this reason from The Forever Teacher! We know how important school will be in your little one’s life in just a few short years and we also know how much school has schedules in place! Parents want to make sure their kids are prepared for what is going to happen once they get to school. Your child’s head won’t spin when a routine is discussed and they are expected to follow that routine! How helpful to successfully navigate those important milestones!

5. Eating Healthy Meals

When there is a routine in place with scheduled meal and snack times, your kids will be sure to have a better chance at maintaining healthy eating habits as they grow. We know how things go when kids get too hungry. They reach for whatever they can get their hands on and the nutritional value isn’t the first thing on anyone’s mind! But by trying to stick to schedules when you eat with your children, you can control what they are eating and how much!


6. Maintain Consistency

By having that routine set in place, your child will know what to expect and when to expect it! While there may be times they aren’t exactly thrilled to take that nap or don’t want to go to bed at that exact time, it’s not going to be a foreign concept to them and they are going to expect that it is going to happen. Stick to your routine and keep things stable for the sanity of everyone in your home!

7. Keeps Boundaries and Expectations in Place

Create routines and schedules that will make sure your children know what the boundaries are. But, also make sure to keep things comfortable so they know what to expect! Make sure their sleep routine is peaceful and consistent so they know that when they walk in their rooms to closed shades and dimmed lights, they know where things are going. If they test those boundaries (which they will), they’ll know what they’re going to be able to get away with and what isn’t going to change very quickly!

8. Positive Ramifications

It’s important for kids to know that by following the rules, they are doing something positive! Rule breakers won’t be tolerated in school or in society, so make sure they start learning the in’s and out’s of positive reinforcement at home! Be excited and your enthusiasm will rub off on them! Be positive when they are following the routines and make sure you’re prepared to discipline when schedules are starting to take a back seat to everything else!

9. Security and Expectations

When you are getting ready to set up a new routine or schedule, make sure you are taking their natural instincts into account when starting it up! When is your child generally hungry, sleepy, using the bathroom, etc. Once you can see how their overall day is already playing out, you can set routines and schedules around them so your child expects what is going to come next in their day. Solid routines and schedules make children feel secure in their homes and they can count on someone always being there to make sure the schedule is followed, as well! What an important thing to set up in your young child’s life!

And just like that, The Forever Teacher gave us all of the reasons we need to create routines and schedules for our children. It may be hard at first to get things nailed down, but it will be so worth it in the long run!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: Why Routines Are Important With Kids: Tips and Advice

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