15 Ways Parenting Toddlers Always Surprises Us


Anyone who has parented toddlers knows how incredibly sweet and innocent they can be.   But they can bring about a wide range of emotions you didn’t even know were coming, too! These 15 Ways Parenting Toddlers Always Surprises Us will give you the heads’ up on the moments you need to know. We’re here to tell you!

  1. Don’t worry about dressing them.

Toddlers seem to have the innate ability to know just how to create the most laundry possible in a 24 hour period. It seems like they have to change their outfits at least 2-4 times a day! Not only that, but they will be sure to dress in their summer finest in the middle of winter, or insist on pajamas just as you’re getting ready to head out to the store. It’s uncanny!

2. Prepare to take your child to the potty at the worst possible times and places!

There is no doubt… once potty training is over, life changes for the better when it comes to parenthood! But when you’re in the middle of it, it will seem like the Worst. Thing. Ever. Forget trying to go out to get errands accomplished without having to take at least one trip to the bathroom with your toddler. And it ALWAYS happens at the worst possible time!

3. Impatience. It’s their #1 characteristic right now!

Patience isn’t exactly the best quality of a toddler. It takes time and, well… patience as a parent to work through this challenge! They just don’t have any clue what it means to wait their turn or why you can’t be at their beck and call every second of every day! They want everything NOW!

4. Don’t feel bad if they are better at working your smartphone than you are!

5. Because of the above point, it will only be a matter of time before they call or text the worst person ever at the worst possible time! Have fun explaining that!

6. They tend to be the most independent creatures in the world.

They will want to do EVERYTHING on their own! While it can be super cute and endearing, it can also be a bit too much at times! Like when they HAVE to pour the milk themselves and half of it ends up on the floor….


7. Their moods change on the drop of a dime!

They’ll be giggling and excited one minute, crying and having a tantrum the next. Don’t worry… this is all perfectly normal behavior for a toddler! Their personalities are still just trying to work out who they are and it’s all part of the roller coaster of being a toddler! Buckle up.


8. They won’t eat what you make them, but will pick up anything on the ground and put it in their mouths.

When your child was a baby, you had no issues getting them to try a variety of new foods. And they loved it! But now? They won’t try that thing on their plate they used to eat with no problem for anything in the world! What gives? However, when you’re out at the park, they have no problem picking up the piece of chewed gum on the bottom of a park bench.

9. They have no filter when it comes to telling you things.

On the one hand, at least they aren’t afraid to tell you if you have a booger in your nose or don’t like the way you did your hair that day! You’ll have an unfiltered opinion of whatever is going on around you at all times! And at least they aren’t lying… yet!

10. Give them more credit

Those little toddlers of ours are smarter than they would lead us to believe! They seem to pick up on things right away that you never would have thought they’d understand. Like, how your little tricks to get them to do things are just that… tricks. And how they suddenly know where that missing thing in the house is that you’ve been looking for days for!

11. If they are being way too quiet, it generally means you’re going to walk in on a huge mess.

12. The weirdest things on YouTube will make them giggle like the innocent children they are!

Like a woman opening present after present. Or a large hand opening an egg with a prize inside. The more boring the video to you, the funnier they will think it is!


13. They are like a cute, little walking tornado!

Seriously… don’t even attempt to clean the house until they are asleep. Because whatever you do is going to destroyed about 30 seconds after you clean it up! But it’s OK! Play is a good thing and it will instill a love of creativity that will serve them well in the future!

14. Don’t take toddlers shopping unless you want to fight with them over not buying everything they want.

Toddlers can be just a tad difficult when you are out shopping! They will want every single little thing they can get those cute little hands on, and will cause the biggest commotion when you don’t comply! Tantrums in stores are something that you better get used to if your toddler goes shopping with you! However, when you cave (because you will cave at least once) they will suddenly have zero interest in the item as soon as you get it home. Always.

15. Toddlers don’t have any sense of time or urgency.

Toddlers don’t know that you have to get to a certain place by a certain time. When you are in a rush and need to get out the door at a specific point, that will inevitably be the time they need to go potty, grab a snack or suddenly forgot how to use their legs. Now is the time when you learn that starting to leave the house 15 minutes before you actually have to is going to be your new normal!

This all being said, toddlers really are the sweetest. It is so endearing to watch their little minds soak up everything around them and to watch them learn new things everyday! The good far outweighs the bad, so enjoy the wild ride called parenting!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 15 Things To Know About Toddlers That No One Ever Told You About

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