6 Values To Help Teach Boys to Become Great Men

We all want our little boys to be as successful as they can be, but we may need to remember that success isn’t necessarily measured by money, wealth, or material possessions. That’s right, it can be about what kind of man they turn into! So take a peek at these 6 Values To Help Teach Boys to Become Great Men!


The Mom behind What’s Up Fagans shared her 6 important values that she is raising her sons with. She talked about how sometimes the world can be such a scary place, you may not want to let your kids out of your sight for one second! It can be scary to hear the things that young kids talk about these days!

But we all know that there comes a time when our kids will leave the nest. This is when the values that we’ve worked on instilling in them become as important as ever! That’s why What’s Up Fagans shared six things that they feel parents can do to raise young boys well in today’s society.

6 Values for Raising Sons to Become Great Men Someday

1. Love And Respect Is So Important!

So many of us may shower our kids with the words “I Love You” 50 times a day, but sometimes telling them just isn’t enough! What’s Up Fagans talks about how parents can show their kids that they are loved, as well! By giving them examples of this, you’ll teach them, in turn, to reach out with love to those around them!

2. Teach Them A Strong Work Ethic

It can be hard in today’s world to make sure your kids are able to take care of themselves well. So many people in our society have become so entitled! By giving them chores to do and things around the home that they are responsible for, it’s going to teach them a strong work ethic. They will soon learn how to be responsible for big things around them as they grow, including their own actions!

3. Keep the Positives In Sight

We’re not great at everything we do, so why would we expect our kids to be great at everything?! What’s Up Fagans talks about how to focus on the positive when it comes to our kids. It will help them to feel good about what they are doing and help their strengths sore even more! Make sure to praise their efforts at new things and to not compare them to other siblings or kids their age! They are their own unique individuals!

Always make sure that your kids know that you are proud of them, because all kids want to make their parents proud! By showing your kids that there is good in this world, they’ll be able to keep a positive approach to life when they are faced with the negatives that they are bound to come across. Helping our kids find the good in the world is a great thing for them to take well into adulthood!

4. Teach Self Worth

How many times do kids question their self worth? By not having the coolest clothes, the best possessions, or not being the smartest in their class or doing well in sports, they suddenly feel like they aren’t worth of anything and give up.

What’s Up Fagans talks about how parents need to really work with our kids so they don’t fall down this slippery slope of not believing they have self-worth! Focusing on their individual gifts and talents will help to propel them into the future so much better than having the latest material possession!

5. Set Boundaries and Give Consequences

Don’t let your child break the rules without having them know that there will be consequences. But more importantly, follow through! We know how hard it can be to have your child upset when you’re the “bad guy”, but it will help them as they grow into young men!

Kids need to know that they need to abide by a certain set of rules so they don’t continue to push the limits. By doing this, they will learn respect not only for your rules, but also for the other rules that they will inevitably come across during the lifetime!

6. Don’t Live Afraid

Aren’t parents always afraid of the worst happening when it comes to their children? What’s Up Fagans knows that it’s a big fact for many parents! We all fear the worst is going to happen!

But it’s not something that we should do because it’s something we may inadvertently pass on to our boys! We want our kids to grow up knowing that despite the bad, there is still a lot of good in the world, as well. Which means that even if they make mistakes and make a wrong decision, by letting them do things for themselves, it will only help their confidence and ability to make decisions later in life!

We all know that there is no way to parent perfectly, but by applying these concepts, it may make the chance of raising a little boy into a great man a bit easier!

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