Tips to Unspoil Your Kids


No matter how great your kids may be, there always comes a time when they go from their best behavior to a total meltdown in less than thirty seconds. The most put-together parents can lose it, as well, when this happens! But if it’s a pattern, red flags may be up all over and it may be time to look into Tips to Unspoil Your Kids.

Thanks to Living Well Spending Less, there are five great tips that can help parents feel like they are doing the best they can for their kids. To make sure they are being respectful, behaved and appreciative of all things they receive. It can hurt when our kids act spoiled, so turning around that behavior is imperative, no matter if it can be a long process!

Luckily, kids often respond well to kindness, empathy and unselfish acts! We just know how to push them in the right direction!

  1. Engage Your Kids in Regular Discussion

A great way to help our children be unselfish is to talk to them about it on a regular basis! Us parents are far from perfect, too, but when talking about the idea of charity and giving to others, you’d be surprised how they suddenly have ideas and wisdom to contribute!

Living Well Spending Less suggested discussing charity drives, food or coat collections or other charity items that you can get involved in with your children. It’s important to let our kids know that other kids in our area, not just even in far away countries, may not be able to afford many of the things that we take for granted every day. By having them help to go through their things to donate, they learn how giving can impact those around them. It’s not always about what they receive!

2. Set Goals and Delay Gratification

How many of you remember saving for that VERY important thing when you were a kid? Whether you saved your holiday and birthday money, or saved money from a part-time job, once you were finally able to buy that special item, it meant the world to you! THIS is what we need to incorporate in our kids’ lives more!

Living Well Spending Less talks about how kids lose the sense of what something is worth when things are given to them often and freely. By teaching our kids that earning a reward brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, it helps to unspoil our children!

Next time your child asks for something, hold strong and talk about a plan for what they can do to earn the item! Discuss how much the item costs and that it isn’t in the budget for the family, but if you can think of a plan together, they would be able to earn it sooner rather than later! Have them help to think about what they can do to earn enough money to purchase their heart’s desire!

On the flip side, it can also teach an amazing lesson when you need to take a toy away from your child if they are acting up and need to lose a privilege. But don’t think this will be easy! You’ll face an adjustment period and you may have some severe pushback! Stand firm, however, and you’ll soon see that working towards a goal will help them feel successful and proud. This, in turn, is going to improve behavior and entitlement!

3. Help Your Child Be Grateful

Regularly showing gratitude can help change not only your child’s mindset, but your entire family’s views! By writing thank you notes for items they receive, it helps them be gracious. Living Well Spending Less talks about how this isn’t just a matter of etiquette, but because it teaches kids to be thankful for the positive things in the life from the people who they love. It helps them reflect on the kind actions of others! And don’t forget to do it yourself, as kids notice what their parents do, as well!

Another fun idea… how about making a daily routine of asking your kids what they were the most grateful for? Whether it’s on the way home from school, or around the family dinner table, it helps them reflect on the positive things in their life and to put even the smallest things in perspective!

4. Encourage Positive Outlets and Expressions

A great reminder from Living Well Spending Less is that kids can struggle with dealing with their emotions at times. We’ve seen how quickly our child can change their tune from one moment to another, but many times it’s because they just don’t understand how to express their emotions in a positive way.

Help to teach your children how to count to ten, take a deep breath and take a minute before responding to something that may be completely overruling their little world. It helps to give them coping tools that help them to feel that the energy and choices that they make are in their control! By finding a resolution that is positive, it helps them to identify emotions and do so in a healthy way.

5. Lead by Example

We all know that some days are better than others. We can struggle to deal with our own emotions, so it can be hard to work with our child to positively express their own. But it is exactly what we need to do in order to be a great role model for our children!

Parents set the tone for their household, so by approaching life with a positive attitude, it will hopefully lead our children to do the same. Whether it’s with chores, emotions, hard times and fun times, kids will respond quickly and may even teach us a thing or two, as well!

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