10 Things Kids Will Never Forget

An amazing childhood… That elusive thing that some children don’t get to experience, but others do. These 10 Things Kids Will Never Forget are a great step to make sure that your child’s early memories are positive and sweet!

You don’t need a lot of money or tons of toys to make sure your child will have a positive childhood. Many of those things don’t last and it isn’t what people remember as they grow. Creating sweet memories are all about the simple things in life!

1. Read To Them

The 36th Avenue discussed how a magical thing happens when you read with your child. Books create an entirely new world for your kids and you all get to be a part of it together! No matter how old they are, make sure you read to them and build their imaginations!

2. Listen To Them

We all know how easy it is to ask your child to wait a second until you finish whatever it is that you’re working on. There never seems to be enough time! But sometimes you never can get that moment back. If it’s something important to them, let’s make it important to us!

Stop and know that whatever we are doing will be there when our child’s moment of triumph is over. Give our children the gift of knowing they can count on us whenever they may need it, no matter what we may be doing at the time!

3. Hug Them

We all need a hug once in awhile! The 36th Avenue talks about how it’s important to give our kids affection when they are looking for it. Even when our kids get older and it may seem like the biggest embarrassment!

Even if you have to tell them that YOU are the one that needs a hug, it’s a symbol of love, reassurance, happiness and protection!

4. Create Family Traditions

Family traditions are so much fun! Even if it’s something as easy a a family movie night. It creates time together as a family and everyone gets to incorporate their favorite treat, too! Who doesn’t love a fun movie with some homemade popcorn!

Sharing blankets and snuggling up together, figure out what can be your fun family tradition and start incorporating some fun time together as a family!

5. Share A Meal

Creating a safe space for meal with your family can be something that never will be forgotten as your child grows. It can be a treasured time, as discussed by The 36th Avenue.

Even if one of the members of your family is gone for the night, it doesn’t mean that everyone else should forgo the family meal! What a big blessing, even if there is always the rush of life and a lack of time. If it’s the one time your family can get together to decompress and share your life with the rest of your family.

It doesn’t have to be fancy and it doesn’t have to be dinner! Even if you meet for breakfast before everyone goes off on their daily adventures, it’s a wonderful thing to do together!

6. You Are My Favorite

While we should never have a ‘favorite’ when it comes to our kids, it is important to make sure that you treat your children as your favorite, no matter what age they are! Every child should be made to feel special in an individual way.

The 36th Avenue talks about how with her own mom, she always knew that she was her mom’s favorite 10 year old, 15 year old, and even now, her favorite 37 year old. It’s not about picking a favorite between your children, it’s about letting them know that they are your favorite “age”, no matter what it is!

7. Celebrate

All kids are different and they succeed in many different ways. Some may be good at reading, while others excel in sports. The important thing, though, it to make sure that they all feel successful from their parents, no matter what that accomplishment is!

Believe in your child, be their biggest fan and always tell them how proud you are of them!

8. Play

Kids naturally love to play! Make sure you give them the chance to just be kids and enjoy the fun that they deserve!

Make sure you play with them, though! Give your child the gift of knowing that they will always have time to spend with their parents, playing! Whether it’s a game the entire family enjoys, or playing a sport in the backyard, get down and dirty with them and let them see how much you love spending time with them!

Have fun together!

9. Remember

No matter how little the event may seem to you, it is the highlight of your child’s day! Make sure you don’t let those little moments pass you by. All of the rehearsals, sports games, parent teacher conferences. Make sure your parents know that you were always there for them, no matter what!

Take pride in all of their little accomplishments. They are so excited and when we see their excitement, it’s contagious!

10. Love Them

For many, this is as easy as breathing. Loving our children comes naturally and wholly. But show your children you love them! Make sure they never doubt, not even for a second, that even if they need a bit of discipline, they are truly loved.

Build up your children and work hard not to break them down. Offer guidance and positive reassurance and make sure that love is freely given!

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