5 Baby Hacks for New Dads

We all know there are hundreds of parenting books around that will help a new dad with all of the things that have to do with their new bundle of joy! From feeding, changing and caring for that new baby, you’re likely to find out everything you need in a book or online. But, Mens Health talks about the 5 Baby Hacks for New Dads that aren’t in the books, but they will definitely save your sanity!

If you’re hoping to find some last-ditch strategies that may help to calm your crying newborn, or your looking for some home hacks to do the trick, these tips may just help you out when you’re in a jam!

1. Flip Your Baby’s Socks

We all know it happens. Your baby  just WON’T. STOP. CRYING. and you can’t figure out why. You’ve fed him, you’ve changed him, you know he’s fully rested. So what could possibly be the problem?

Armin Brott, author of The New Father and founder of MrDad.com suggests checking out your little baby’s feet!

“Sometimes what you’ll find is the baby has little sock threads wrapped around his toes,” says Brott. “That can make him uncomfortable, or even hurt him.” Who knew?

That being said, make sure you always put your baby’s socks on inside out. That way the inside threads won’t be caught around his toes and it will be one less thing to check when your little bambino is inconsolable!

2. Find Yourself A Cheap Yoga Mat

What? A yoga mat? You’ll love this sweet hack that Mens Health has! Instead of spending $30 on a portable baby-changing mat, grab yourself a cheap yoga mat! Cut it into rectangles and you’ll have six spongy, easy-to-clean changing mat… all for about $10!

You’re going to find that baby gear can be super overpriced. If you focus on what you need and what the function is for the situation, you can get creative and save some money!

3. Save the Baby Nail Clippers… Use Your Teeth!

Newborns are born with fingernails, but those little things grow like weeds! Unfortunately, that means you have to be careful, because your child may unintentionally scratch their face if you don’t keep those nails at a short length.

The advice from Brott? Skip the nail clippers and use your teeth instead! Since baby nails are so soft, they are really easy to just bite off. That means you also won’t be accidentally nicking that little tiny finger with a clipper, which you are bound to do when you start cutting a baby’s nails!

4. Always Choose Zippers!

Dress your baby one time in an outfit that is full of snap buttons and you’ll quickly realize that squirming babies and buttons don’t mix! So how come it seems like all of those cute little newborn outfits are full of snaps?

If you’re afraid of catching your baby’s skin in the zipper, don’t be. The risk is pretty small. Compared to the hours it will take you to dress them in a snap button outfit, you soon be buying out every store of their zippered baby clothes moving forward!

5. Watch That Diaper Switch!

It may seem like second nature to just take off your baby’s diaper before you have the replacement diaper ready. Anything to get that wet diaper off their skin ASAP!

But… that isn’t the wisest decision! Cold air can trigger petting and before you know it, you’ll be getting peed on in a flash if you don’t have that new diaper ready and waiting as soon as you get that dirty diaper off!

Don’t worry. If you can’t remember this tip, you’ll remember it the first time your little guy pees right in your face or on the couch!

And just like that, the new dad in your life is going to be armored with some quick hacks to make life a little easier when mom isn’t around! We don’t give dads enough credit! They totally got this newborn thing!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Parenting Hacks for New Dads That You Won’t Find In Baby Books

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