6 Tips To Help Older Siblings Deal With A New Baby

Like many parents, it can be a challenge to figure out how to help your older child adjust to your new addition! It’s such an exciting time for a family and you want to make sure everyone is doing well when baby makes their big debut. Hopefully, these 6 Tips To Help Older Siblings Deal With A New Baby will help children have a great experience when welcoming a new brother or sister to the family!

A Thrifty Mom came prepared with these 6 great tips:

1. Prepare

It’s a great idea to start doing things in your home to prepare your older child for the change they are about to experience! Start reading baby literature and even take a trip to your local library to see if your librarian can help you out with some great books to help! This is a great way for your child to know what to expect and give a voice to the emotions that may be bothering them!

It’s also a great idea to start preparing to shift some of your parenting duties to others. If you are always the one to put your child to bed or preparing different things for them, it’s the perfect time to encourage your significant other to the over some of those duties before the baby comes. It will help your child learn not to depend solely on you when the baby arrives and you’re hands are full with a newborn!

Another great way to prepare your older child for the baby is to let them pick out the outfit that the baby will be brought home in! We just love this tip from A Thrifty Mom! They can also help to decorate the nursery and pick out some baby supplies. What a great way to get them involved and excited from Day 1!

2. Baby Talk

We all know how simply adorable and irresistible a new baby is! All of the ooh’ing and ahh’ing and tons of face-to-face conversation are big things that every new baby will see from the second they are born! It’s also great because it will help your new baby recognize your face, read expressions and voice tone.

But how annoying might that get for an older sibling to sit through over and over and over again?! So A Thrifty Mom had another great tip: since you’re going to be doing all of the baby talk anyways, why not talk up their older sibling, as well?! Tell your newborn all of the great things the baby will learn from them and your older child is going to get a great boost of self-esteem, in addition to the verbal communication your baby needs!

3. One-on-One Time

We know you’re to be utterly exhausted from the lack of sleep and all of those night time feedings, but it’s important to take the extra time to snuggle with your older child, too. Make sure you build in some one-on-one time with them to read, sing, or to do any other activity that may be important to them! Make sure you tell them often how much you love them and when the day seems to get crazy, as it inevitably will, there will not be any doubt from your older child how much they are still loved.

4. Expect Acting Up

It can be quite a jolt to a child’s system to suddenly have a new baby around 24/7! As much as they may have seemed prepared for the change before the baby was born, there is bound to be a little regression once that little bundle actually shows up and stays for good!

You may see behavior such as sucking on a pacifier again, drinking from a bottle, or having accidents all of the sudden if they are potty trained. It is more than likely just a short-term coping method that they are using to process the big change that they are suddenly experiencing! This too, shall pass.

5. Keep Discipline Consistent

Your older child still needs to have the consistent discipline that you were using with them before the new baby arrived, so make sure you stick to your guns! Even if you’re too tired, A Thrifty Mom talks about how important it is to stick to the rules and consequences that have already been established in your home. It helps to keep life predictable and will also help your other child to feel more secure, knowing that not everything is changing in their life!

6. Create a Nursing Basket

We absolutely love this great tip from A Thrifty Mom! Have a small basket of new little toys or activities that you will be able to take with you whenever you need to nurse or do something for the baby. Make sure this is something that is only used when you are busy so the novelty of it will last. Your older child will be so excited about their “special treat” when your baby needs you, that it will help them get over any jealous or insecure feelings that they may have.

Bringing home a new addition to the family can be such a joyous and happy time. But it can also be stressful, for many different reasons! By using these great tips above, though, the transition that the baby’s older siblings are experiencing will  be smooth and make things a little easier. It is also going to help set the stage for great sibling relationships!

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