Family Movie Night Success With These 5 Tips

Family Movie Night Success With These 5 Tips

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to watch movies together! The kids have so much fun and every once in awhile, they’ll let the adults pick a nice, old-school movie that we haven’t seen since we were kids! Make sure you always have Family Movie Night Success With These 5 Tips!

Story Of Five has great tips to make sure movie night is always fun with the family! What a great way to spend time together and wind down after a week of running around. It’s such a fun thing to look forward to and an easy way to spend some quality time together with little fuss!

Family Movie Night Success With These 5 Tips

There aren’t many more ways to spend time together as a family that are easier than arranging a family movie night!

1. Pick a family-friendly movie

You definitely want to make sure everyone will have fun watching the movie that you pick! It’s a great idea to let everyone pick a movie each week. That way, everyone gets a chance to choose and you will get to watch a wide variety of movies the kids will love!

2. Popcorn!

How can you possibly have a movie night without popcorn?! Every family seems to have a favorite kind and style, so grab some and get busy! Our family loves to go the old-fashioned route and use an air-popper, but Story Of Five went with microwave popcorn, which is great, too!

Family Movie Night Success With These 5 Tips

3. Popcorn Toppings!

Plain popcorn is yummy, but how much more fun can it be to add some toppings to the mix, too?! Story of Five likes to add in pretzels, marshmallows, sprinkles and chocolate morsels, and the kids get to mix-and-match as they choose! Or, just choose simple butter and salt. Whatever the family likes!

4. Movie Sign

How fun would it be to create a little movie sign to make things even more “movie night perfect”! Have the kids help create a sign saying what the movie is going to be and what time the movie is starting. What a fun way to get the kids pumped up for a night with the family!

5. Invite Others

Every once in awhile, why not add more to the mix? The more the merrier, right?! Once in awhile, maybe the kids can invite a friend over and you can even have a pajama party. Or Grandma and Grandpa can come over for a night and enjoy the family event, too! Whatever you want, mix things up to keep them fun and exciting!

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