Transform Your Parenting With These 5 Great Habits

We all know there is so much information out there on different things you can do to win at the parenting game! So how do you sift through all of the info out there to make sure you’re following the right things? Believe it or not, maybe you’re over thinking it! The Better Mom has found that by changing just a few simple habits, you’ll be on your way to being a better parent in no time! Try it with your family with the great challenge that she put together now and Transform Your Parenting With These 5 Great Habits!

1. Smile

What a great way to show your child love and acceptance and it’s so EASY! When we smile, we ease our children’s worries and calms them. The Better Mom also talks about how it can break down those barriers and will help them open up to us more and more. So make it a challenge to start smiling every time your child makes eye contact! What an easy way to transform your relationship with your child.

2. Speak Softly

We know how it works. The more you raise your voice, suddenly the kiddos seem to get louder, as well! But what do you think would happen if you started to speak more softly to them? We shouldn’t have to always need to get louder in over to speak over them! So now, whatever the request of your child may be, approach him, lean in, and speak low and soft. Chances are after instilling this habit for a bit based on The Better Mom‘s work, your child will start to respond in the same and will follow your lead! What a wonderful world would that be to live in?!

3. Say Exactly What you Mean to Say

The Better Mom talks about how she’s known to be one who tends to “beat around the bush.” Instead of being direct when addressing her kids, she’ll be vague and do what she needs to do to not be as “pushy” as possible. Instead of saying “Please pick up all your toys in your room” she’ll ask “Who left this puzzle on the table?” But guess what she’s learned… it generally backfires! Suddenly her kids have realized that she isn’t serious about her request and things go unchanged. Instead, learn to give direct commands (which can still be polite) so nobody can question exactly what you are saying or if you really mean it. Start being as specific as possible and see what happens around your home!

4. Ask For Help

Parents, especially moms, are well-known to suffer in silence! Or… we may expect that if we look like we need help, someone will eventually offer to chip in. But why put ourselves through that? People are always in their own zones and we can’t read anyone else’s mind, so why would they be able to read ours? Instead, The Better Mom has found that askeping for specific help actually will work! Her example of saying to her child, “Please use this cleaner and towels and wipe down the table” is now so specific, they know exactly what you mean and can’t question you. Give your child a specific list of things that you need help with, so they can pitch in, too. Stop being a martyr!

5. Forget About Who Your Kids Should Be In Your Head

We’ve all had an expectation of what parenting would look like before our sweet children made their appearance in our lives! So what happens when your kids don’t fit the mold of what you thought they would be? The Better Mom says it perfect, when she says she now learns to embrace her children just as they are. By doing that, she’s able to better understand what each child needs, because of their unique personalities and traits! What great advice!

A great challenge would be to sit down and write out each of your kiddo’s strengths and weaknesses, than figuring out what you can do to help them develop what they love. And how can you help them overcome their weakness? What a wonderful exercise!

By implementing these super easy habits, you’ll notice how much parenting changes in your household and in your life. What a great thing to being to the table within your household!

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Super Simple Habits that Will Transform Your Parenting

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