5 Easy Ways to Create More Calm In Your Home

We all now how chaotic things can get at home when you have a life with small children! Things can get messy… quick! It can get so overwhelming as a parent to try to keep things under control and going smoothly. These 5 Easy Ways to Create More Calm In Your Home will help you make some simple changes that will make everyone happier, all around!

5 Easy Ways to Create More Calm In Your Home

1. Ignore Bad Behavior

There can be times when the best discipline there is, is to let them know that certain behavior won’t be tolerated! For example, we know how little ones like to ask questions. But sometimes, they tend to repeat them over and over and over. It can drive any parent crazy and quickly escalate a situation into insanity! But, Perfection Pending found that if you just let them know that you already answered the question and you’re not going to talk about it anymore, they quiet down and redirect that energy into something more productive.

2. Institute a Specific Quiet Time

It can be a hard adjustment when the littles stop napping. It may have been a time that you desperately relied on to get things done around the house, or to sneak in a quick hour of work. Now what? Perfection Pending makes sure that quiet time remains a constant in the house. There comes a time everyday where the TV screens are turned off and everyone focuses on reading books, completing chores or some other quiet time activity of their choosing. Coloring and puzzles work great, as well! You may even find that after time, your kids may actually move towards fun activities like these, instead of automatically moving towards an electronic device all the time. That’s a win-win!

3. Slow It Down

We all know how hard this can be! Everyone is busy and there are always a million activities going on that we feel we have to be a part of! But, remember that the world isn’t going to end if you don’t take part in every single activity or playgroup that is around. Things aren’t going to fall apart if you’re a few minutes late to something, either. Learn to slow down and your home will start feeling more calm and peaceful, as well!

4. Focus on Relationships, Not Things

What a great lesson to reintroduce into your own life, along with your children! Start getting involved in your kids’ playtime and soon they won’t want to just be playing with their toys. They’ll want to spend time with you and each other, as well! Think about how fun it was to spend time with friends when you were younger. Maybe you didn’t have the best of everything, but you had friends to spend your time with and enjoy the long, summer days! Everyone is just happier! So, take a look around the house and see if you can do some de-cluttering. Your kids probably won’t even miss what you get rid of! Without all of that extra clutter laying around, you’ll also feel more at peace. How wonderful!

5. Make Communication Easier

We all have had that time when we’ve had to yell down the hall or into the basement for one of our kids to do one thing or another. And, of course, they never answer. Then you end up having to walk around the house to figure out where they are and you get more and more frustrated with every passing step. Maybe a home intercom solution would be a great idea in your home? Or walkie talkies that the kids will get a total kick out of, as well?! It will make communication so much easier and will keep you more calm when it comes time to getting the attention of the kids!

Just like that, with a few simple steps, life can start to gain a little more peace! No more coming unglued at the seams and everyone will live a more happy and peaceful life in the home. Say good-bye to chaos!

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