5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies

5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies

With school starting, it’s important to make sure that you help your children understand what bullies are. All parents want to make sure that their child isn’t susceptible to being bullied, and to also have their child understand why being a bully is wrong.

Kids can be kids and we know that at times, they can be cruel and feelings will be hurt. But to help your girl through this challenging time, these 5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies will help. Help them feel empowered and use these skills that will serve them well for her entire life!

1. Let the Kids Know They Are Not Being Nice. You’re Being Mean

The Everyday Mom Life had some great advice on how to handle the bully situation, since her daughter was on the receiving end of bad behavior.

By telling “friends” that they are not being nice gives the girls the benefit of the doubt that they don’t understand how hurtful their words actually are. Maybe by just pointing out their bad behavior, it may make them think twice about saying nasty things to others.

2. Say: I Don’t Need Mean Friends.

We want our girls to have friends who are supportive and have each others’ backs. But, we also want them to be kind to everyone and not be exclusive. We need our kids to believe they deserve good friends, not mean friends.

3. Tell Your Daughter to Tell Her Bullies She’s Going to Find and Play With Nicer Friends

Don’t let your child think that sitting there and taking the name-calling or meanness of others is acceptable. We don’t want our kids to go off in a corner and sulk or cry by themselves. Give them back the power by telling them it’s OK to go and find the nicer people out there. Because there are nice people everywhere! In fact, she should be friends with those who treat others well, because it’s what we want our kids to emulate.

5 Ways To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies

4. Let Her Know She Can Walk Away and Play with Someone Different.

The Everyday Mom Life wants to make sure that her daughter knows she can do this and to also reinforce the words that she uses with her bullies in #3. Give your daughter some help by naming off some girls that you know she doesn’t have a problem with and could be potential good friends. Remind her that there are other people to play with in class besides the ones who are being mean to her and the other girls might actually make better friends in the long run!

5. Tell an adult

It’s important to let your daughter know that she isn’t being a tattletale, as long as the other children are being mean and she needs an adult to help her. It’s also important because you want to make sure that an adult, even if it initially isn’t you, is aware that there is a potential situation, which your child will hopefully continue as she gets older. Keeping an open dialogue is important, especially as they grow into middle and high school!

It can also help by practicing different dialogues with your daughter, so she is comfortable saying it when confronted with a conflict. It can help reinforce it with a young girl so she will remember what to say and do! Also, remember to constantly remind your child how much they are loved, no matter what a mean girl at school may say! Hopefully, by learning all of these things early, they will be strong enough to handle hurtful words and actions of others on their own as they grow.

Click on the following link for more details and to view the original article and image credit: 5 Steps to Help Your Daughter Deal With Mean Girls in Preschool & Elementary

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